Did you listen Pass Aleph J or Pass XA30 or 60 ?

I want to know if anybody could listen the new Pass amplifiers: Aleph J, Pass XA30 and XA60.
I will apreciate all your coments.
Elduende14, I can't comment on the Aleph J because I never have heard it, but do run a pair of XA-100's in my system. They are my new reference and offer great beauty sonicly in my system. For exact details concerning their sonic signature, take a look at my review posted here on the GON.

All the XA amps offer the same sonics, the only difference is their power output, so my experience with the XA-100's would apply to the 30's and 60's. Hope this helps.
I have owned both and they are both among the best SS amps out there IMHO. I would say that if you speakers are tube-friendly (high and smooth impedance - e.g. Merlin VSM) I would go with the J if you find any. If you speakers present a more difficult load, the high current of the XA.5s will perform better. Of course, in either case 89db or better sensitivity would be necessary or you might, occassionally feel you have run out of steam - less likely with the XA.5s.