Did you know that Audiogon...

now has a "sister" site named Videogon ? I didn't until a few minutes ago and thought that others might want to be made aware also.

I recently listed an HT pre / pro for sale on Agon and was given the option of having it appear on Videogon. Thinking that more exposure was better, i went for it. As it turns out, my ad appeared on Videogon but did not show up on Agon. That has me a bit confused, so i've emailed the "powers that be" to help me understand what's going on here.

As a side note, it appears that our Agon accounts will become "joint accounts" and merged with Videogon, but our member feedback regarding transactions will remain separate between the two forums / websites. While i don't really understand that, i included a question / suggestion about that also in my email to Agon.

Has anybody else checked out "Vgon" yet and / or have any comments about it ? How long has that site been up and running ? Will all the items that fall under "HT" gear now be shifted over to that site rather than appear here on Agon ? Sean
I found the Vgon site about a month ago through an ad on Agon. I can't access any forum discussion on Vgon. Many categories have no listings due to site being so new. I thought I was seeing some of the same components on both sites. Why not just expand Agon? Wdt
I think all Audiogon members got an email a few months back regarding the new site, and informing us that we'd have access/accounts on VGon as well.
Hope the "powers that be" will have one HOME PAGE for both even tho things are then kept separate. Then it's simple to select "Audio new today" or "Video new today" etc. Chuck
I ran into that site from a link on the avs forums while researching the latest pre/pros about 3 weeks or so ago.
The Videogon site seemed new then.

The transfer of feedback from A-gon to V-gon ...or lack of, doesn't seem right imho.
You would think that feedback from A-gon would transfer to V-gon.
Uh-Oh -- it's a sad day for audio! Even A-gon has gone the HT route in search of more capital. Can you say, "larger market share". Oh well, greed makes the world go 'round...

But on the plus side, maybe it will get the HT-related discussions off this site. :)
They're just getting going - I had some listings on Audiogon last month and I got an offer to *also* list them on Videogon. (They were AV-related, a pre/pro and a 6-ch amp.)

I got a couple of bites from that site, but overall about half as many views as the same ad on Audiogon.

Looks like it'll be a great new market place after the word spreads.

Note that there aren't any discussion forums on Videogon - they're all expected to be here.
They also have a twisted sister site called Photogon. Not very popular last few times I checked there. Much better deals (and far more abundant) available on eBay if you care to deal with the hordes and higher risks involved. Man, eBay seems to have become a trolling ground for all kinds of scams these days.

The ad that i posted did appear on Agon, but for some reason, took noticeably longer than normal. When i checked the "classifieds" section of "my page", it showed up as having an ad posted but i couldn't find the ad anywhere on Agon. Oh well, i'm guessing that it had something to do with the duplicate Videogon post.

As to expanding Agon to include all of the Video stuff, i think that there are two different types of "philes" out there. That is, videophiles and audiophiles. While there is an obvious point of blending of the two in high end HT, some videophiles would not think to look at an audio based website for used gear, technical discussions, etc... The same goes for some audiophiles looking for multi-channel gear. As such, i think that this is why Agon is trying to cover both markets. They were smart enough though to keep audio & video separate as there is still some back-lash against the two merging together. As such, i don't think that there will be one home-page for both sites, but a common link between them might be nice. Sean
Maybe I should stop referring to videophiles as "vidiots," since many VGoNers may also be AGoNers...

No......... but I do now. Looks like I am going to be joining that one as well. In spite of what "Plato" says, I think that audio will live on forever, and that there will always be "Audiogon". And since I am a home theater fan also, I cannot help but at least check out "Videogon" as well. I think I am going to be a member of that site as well.

"Audiogon" lives on......... forever...........

Yes Charles, you, and folks like you are the reason why a very high percentage of formerly audio-only salons are now forced to carry home theater equipment just to survive in the marketplace.

I think there's a place for both, and I have a dedicated home theater system in addition to my audio-only system. But when I walk into audio shops that I used to frequent in the past, and see that the majority of their inventory is now dedicated to home theater, well, I have to admit it's just a little depressing...
Brian: There's nothing wrong with the term "vidiot". That is, so long as you don't mind being called an "audiot" : ) Sean