Did you hear that ALBUM?

Calling all geezers, buzzards, audio curmudgeons from ages of old - are you still saying stuff like "Man that's a great ALBUM", "Did you hear this ALBUM?" and so on when hearing music not being played on a turntable? I know I do. Never could break the habit ingrained from the age when everyone listened to ALBUMS. You "I still only listen to LP's" people please butt out on this one.
Of course i still say that because it is proper and correct. Any collection of songs put together on a recording regardless of the medium it is stored on is an album. The word album does not refer strictly to the Lp record, it means a collection of songs or photos or what have you. I will admit that over time that is the correlation it acquired, but it is incorrect, to refer to only vinyl LP's as albums.
I think the reference to "album" derives from when several 78 rpm records, which were not LP (Long Playing) and could not contain a full recording on two sides, were placed in an actual album, a book of sleeves each containing one disc. It looked similar to a photo album. The use of the descriptive word just carried over to LP's and, now, to any recording.

I have now proved I am more than eligible for geezer status.
I agree with Rcrerar.
They even call them albums in iTunes.
They're still records too.
Think "photo albums" - a collection or compilation.
Sometimes I'll qualify it by saying something like "I have that album on CD" but album is is and album it will always be.
Album,record,or disc depending if vinyl or Cd,and who I'm talking to.
Don't understand why we should even question the use of the term, the means of storage is irrelevant.
My friend refers to all recorded media as "tapes".
What Rcrerar said.

Thank everyone for straightening me out. I will continue to say ALBUM without a trace of guilt.

- still praying those fifty missing Louis Armstrong coronet solos turn-up before I croak.
Any listening medium if it has more than 3 tracks, cuts or whatever will be described by me as an 'album'.
I never play vinyl these days.