Did You Have Fun At RMAF? Thank Al&Marjorie

Just got back from my first RMAF yesterday and I am still on an Audio high! Al Stiefel and Marjorie Baumert are the co-organizers of the RMAF. I can't believe how hard both they and their group of volunteer's had to work to pull this thing off, and they have been doing it for 4 years!

If you had fun at the fest this year, please post your thanks to Al and Marjorie on this thread. I will start things off.
I had a great time. Even my wife thought it was interesting and likened it to "Let's Make a Deal," where you never know what's going to be behind the door (to the next room).
Had a great time also. Thanx Al Stiefel and Marjorie Baumert for all your hard work. Look forward to 2008.
Thanks for a great time Al And Marjorie! You guys worked really hard just so us audiofools could have the time of our lives, and boy did we. I was like a kid in a candy store. I can't wait for next year!
It was awesome. I got to see lots of toys and got a good picture as to where the technology is going. I wish they would start earlier on Friday. Otherwise, I have to say, it's an outstanding show!

Thanks so much Al and Marjorie.We have attended every show and they get bigger and better every year. It must take tremendous effort and organization to pull this off. Kudos to both of you.
Great time!! I have seen that some people had problems with the sound volume. I found it anything but a problem. I was offered the remote or asked what volume I would like for every track that I played if your tastes were louder than mine, no problem, stop back by in about 5 minutes and a whole new sound and volume. The hosts in all of the rooms were fantastic. Something I never see mentioned at these shows is how much it costs to attend. The CD's I have to buy is going to cost me a couple of 100. You really get to hear all kinds of good music and I keep a list of new CD's. Where else are you going to see and most of all hear $500,000 works of art. What a treat just to find a slow room, not a bad room, sit back and listen to 10 or 15 minutes of music. My second year, and it was a better show this year than last, and I didn't think that was posible. I recommend that you put it on your schedule for next year.