Did you get your new Music Direct catalogue yet?

I swear to God this cover, like the last three covers is worth framing.
Jerry Garcia brought me many years of musical bliss and this classic black and white photo does my memory proud.
The same goes for the early Ringo and Dylan covers.
I'm gonna dig those up and have them all matted and framed.
Music Direct has probably the nicest catalog of any of the music dealers out there! Got mine yesterday. It sure looks like they spend a fortune on them.

VERY nice indeed!!!
Yes received it 2 days back. Found out that they sell Yamaha now. And the CD-S3000 is listed $1K less. Similar mistake to what the Ringo covered catalog listed the Marantz SA-11S3. But I agree....very nice catalog indeed!
Agree I have been getting the catalog for several years. It is better eye candy than any other catalog.
I feel honored to receive it!!
I look through it (and dream/drool) more often than most Stereophile or TAS magazines.
My copy already went in the recycle bin. But you have a good idea, think I'll get it out and remove the cover.
I could buy something off every page , my favorite catolog !
They do very nice catalog indeed. Got mine Wednesday and have been spending much time "dreaming" of what I should buy. It is just so much nicer than staring at a monitor. I would love to visit their store someday.
Their catalog are indeed top notch. I have often saved them just because they are so very nice and informative as well. By the by, great outfit to purchase from.
Yes, very nice catalog!
Not a fan of Music Direct myself and I'll tell you why. They have a money back guarantee so you can return anything for any reason, BUT, if you want to return something you have to call them and speak to a sales guy to get an RA# before you can return it. When you call them to get the RA#, they pressure you to keep the item. This is why I don't like them.
>>When you call them to get the RA#, they pressure you to keep the item. <<

That has never happened to me and I've returned two items to them in the last 6 months. One of them a tubed integrated amp. Not a peep of hard-sell. They only wanted to know why I was returning it.

It' difficult to beat their 30 day return and decent prices. Heck yeah I like them! I'm bummed I haven't received my catalog yet.

My local audio "salon" offers full price on almost everything, no return on sales, and much equipment they supposedly carry is not in stock including some entire vendor lines. It's a long drive to other shops.
Yes, mine arrived torn. it's a bummer because that really is an awesome photo of Jerry and my wife and I are lifelong fans. I still might put it in a cheap frame and hang it in my garage, just so people know that we're in the know. lol
Love the rosewood classic turntable pictured, also interesting but not surprising, VPI is now making direct drive tables.
Check out my system pics to see the framed picture of the Garcia cover.
After digging up the above mentioned past catalogues it was interesting to note that they had a bunch of graphics over the photos. Not so with the Garcia cover. That's what makes it so eye catching. Check out the matted cover on my systems page.

Very nice web site. coincidently there is a blog about the differences between belt drive vs direct drive, a topic I have approached in another thread. Very eye opening in it's Zen like simplicity,
Jaxwired are you a wimp. I bet if someone called you on the phone to sell you a magazine subscription you could not say no. I hope it was Playboy.
Just framed the Springsteen cover. Check out My System pics to it.