DId you get that paperwork from the IRS about purchasing? over $600.00

So a friend of mine told me that if you purchase anything with pay pal and it is over $600.00 you will get a form from IRS and you will have to cut them a check.is this true? and does that mean I can't purchase from Ebay or any other audio site? say it ain't so.


I doubt that, but if you have sales of over $600 through PayPal, then PayPal will file a Form 1099 with the IRS which could cause you to have tax liability.

The intent is to collect tax from people who are generating income (PROFIT) through sales.  I've hear of this person.  They were last seen riding into the sunset on their Unicorn.  🤣

The IRS collects tax on profit made from sales. Many states, but not all, collect a sales tax made on internet purchases. That's its folks! :-)

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That should be unconstitutional.

There is nothing in the constitution about that. It just gives congress the power to tax and they seem to be very good at doing that. 

@gmosley This was delayed by the IRS for this tax year. It was in the news a month or two ago. They will put it into effect this coming year. 

When determining "profit", is the sales amount in nominal dollars or inflation adjusted dollars? If you buy something for $1000 then sell it after inflation is declared at 10% for $1050, have you made a "profit"? The dollars you were paid are actually worth $945 (adjusted for inflation) compared to the pre inflation $1000.

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Seller; that's the person with (potential) income.  If I sell something here and don't have a record of what I paid for it, I'm unlikely to accept PayPal.

recapping what's already been posted:  The IRS is after income and not imposing a "Sales Tax."  So keep note of what you paid for it (like stock transactions) and profit (income).  If you sold it for $1000 but paid $1200; that's a $200 loss, no income tax.


As for Sales Tax that may apply depending upon State/Local, but I doubt locals can track online sales yet.  In both cases the seller pays Income Tax or Sales Tax if any.

(Not an advisor, just by take) 😉

If you regularly sell stuff (audio and other) I would suggest a business ID and checking account for all transactions.  That way you could write-off all your audio subscriptions, audio conferences, travel, equipment you buy/sell as inventory plus travel, vehicle transport, heath care and other qualified expenses.  See an advisor for how and what's allowable. 

@socalml528 Revenue agencies generally look with great skepticism at claimed "business expenses".  The test of a legitimate business is the expectation of earning a profit.  Trying to write off expenses that exceed any profit earned is just asking for an audit.  I have to guess that 99.9% of the members on these sites, when actually selling anything, are doing it at a loss.  Keep all your original receipts for insurance and the tax department on the off chance you are ever asking to prove are not earning taxable income.  Mostly this appears to be a tempest in a teapot.   

Couldn't agree with @bigtwin more; hence "see an advisor..."

As for audits; not very prevalent these days, but I'm not advocating poking the bear or breaking laws.

Or alternatively; to paraphrase from the movie The Frim; "I don't care about triggering audits, I only care about winning them."

Now back to sound and music😊