Did You Get a Ticket for Kate Bush's London Gig?

Unbelievable. Ticket sales for the 22x Eventim Apollo gigs opened at 9.30am on Friday. My wife phoned me at work to alert me. I decided to try for some tickets after work. When I finally did, On-line purchase was not being offered. "Funny", I thought...."perhaps a phone call instead?"
Transpired that 80000 tickets had been sold out within 15 MINUTES of being offered.
Most of the sites I've ever been on in the past we're slow enough to sell 15 tickets in 15 minutes. :(

The conditions of sale were
- max limit 4 tickets per person.
- The buyers name to be printed on the tickets. Identification required on entry.
- Any tickets re-sold would be at the original ticket price
(Interesting that some re-sale tickets appeared shortly afterwards priced at £1K....)

I think Kate's ideals & sense of fairness were praiseworthy - she'd already extended the series by 7 dates due to demand - but it doesn't seem to be working out that way... :(
Did anyone manage to get tickets?
Hope you find some. Sounds like the same BS tix sales we have in America. I envy you being in the UK.
From the looks of it, you and everyone else are victims of ticket scalpers using automated software to snap up tickets the instant they go on sale. It's a chronic issue in the US. Maryland has a bill going through its legislature right now that would make the practice illegal. Can't wait to see if the right thing will be done because maybe, just maybe, other states will follow. I know that won't help you getting tickets for Kate at least at face value, but then she's one of the few acts for which I would pay scalper's prices. Good luck.