Did you ever think digital and analog would exist side by side the way it is now

Personally I never saw it coming. I remember 25 years ago when everyone was dumping their records to buy CD's. If someone at that time would of told me 25 years later they would exist side by side I would never had believed it.

Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals once existed side by side. It's survival of the fittest, that's of analog. Digital is dead and has always been.

I never dumped ANY records 25 years ago.....but I sure began buying the ones that "everyone" else had.
And I also never bought CDs then or since.....
Don't really care what happens to digital. It doesn't play any part in my serious listening.

I did have to buy a few because that music was unavailable in analog but serious listening is not really possible with that. To be fair, there are analog recordings and records that are barely listenable. Try Birds of Fire by Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Not only do LP/CD exist side by side, the Cassette and Open Reel exists as well. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
they have always existed side by side in my system. never sold off lp's, lots of friends gave me their lp collections, but also love CD's and now streaming too.  agree LP sounds best...
Next will be come-back to open reel players.
Get ready.
Don't forget 8-track
I never considered selling my LP music library just because the CD was introduced, and wasn't about to not buy new music simply because it was offered on CD only. So yes, I knew analog and digital would co-exist side-by-side, in my home anyway.
I never thought of selling my 3K vinyl  gems either,  when I was forced back from Germany I just gave them all away .
We vinyl junkies had a field day at garage sales and thrift stores when the "Perfect Sound Forever" came out. People were dumping their record collections as if they were the plague. The Mercurys, the RCA's, the Westminster's! Everything from mint jazz albums, to rare classical was popping up all the time. No more though. Glad I was able to find more than my share. Would you believe things like a mint, six-eye stereo copy of Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" and a mint copy of Dean Martin's "Dream With Dean" came out of the Salvation Army thrift store on the same day? Fifty-cents each. Dem were da daze.