Did Wilson change the Duette's tweeter?

Wilson's new website lists the Duette's tweeter as :
One – 1 inch inverted Titanium Dome (2.54 cm).
I know they were 1" synthetic-silk dome tweeters.
Does anyone know if they been changed to inverted titanium or is this an error on the specs page?
My friends Duette's are 6 months old and have the 1 inch silk dome tweeter. I doubt Wilson changed tweeters, otherwise they would have re-launched it as a series 2, bump the price up $2K, and have all the magazine declaring the old series 1 sounds like crap when compared to the new series.
It is a misprint on their website. Still 1" Silk Dome tweeter. Hope this info helps
Perhaps the meticulous craftsmanship does not extend to QC of the text in the marketing materials. Unclear whether stated driver size, speaker dimensions, frequency response, etc. are actually accurate. :-)