Did someone complain about the price of Uptone EtherRegen switch?


Then how about this?
These audiophile switches must be doing ..... nothing. To the point of EtherRegen being sold out at every single batch, and other people rushing to bring a switch costing $3,500 to the market. Wow! These switches really do nothing, so there are no buyers, right? 😂
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I am a very happy customer and will not remove my ER switch; it made a very noticeable improvement, and compared to price of power cords, and footers, this improvement in my system was well worth it. It is well engineered, and has outstanding customer support.
Me too with EtherRegen. Same exact experience and thought. But (and there is always a “but”), one has to wonder: if something as reasonably priced EtherRegen makes such a nice difference, what does another similar category thing priced six times higher do? 
“what does another similar category thing priced six times higher do?”

You know the drill, the only way to find out is to audition in your system and trust your ears :-)

I was looking for alternative to Etherregen for a while and finally found it last month. The device called ENO Ethernet Ag Filter works passively so no wall wart or LPS mess...lol. And I’m done tweaking my Ethernet setup, atleast for now!
I have an ER myself, powered by a Paul Hynes SR4T. Excellent return on the money. I've never had the chance to hear the ENO but wouldn't mind.
I would never pay for it but again I only stream occasionally on my main system.