Did Pomona Ever Have Heart?

I'm listening to "Orange Crate Art" and I swear Brian Wilson sings "back when Pomona had heart".  I look up the lyrics and everyone on earth thinks he's singing something else.  What he actually may be singing isn't as interesting to me as the question of if or when Pomona had heart.  I know nothing about California, so could someone from that part of the country tell me, in their opinion, whether Pomona has or ever had heart?

I'm urgently waiting for the answer.
"The Wrong Side of Goodbye" by Michael Connelly involves Orange Crate Art in the plot.

I find Pomona, CA to be creepy (late 70’s to present), but don’t know what it was like before then.

It's a song about the labels on orange crates and grape crates. The lyric is Ramona and Sonoma not Pomona, and yes Ramona is a quaint little town. 
Thanks for the replies.

Dekay, is there a Connelly book you would recommend I start with?

Jperry, great link.

Russ69, very informative, did not know there was a Ramona.  I thought they used it as a woman's name.

BTW, original thought the album was a little too cute, but it's grown on me over time.  It's a nice listen.
Start with his first "Harry Bosch" (the character series) novel and then work forward.

Your local library probably has access to all of them (ours does).

What's interesting later on in the serious is that the "The Lincoln Lawyer" ends up being Harry's half brother and they work a few cases together.

If you like detective novels you might also check out the "John Rebus" series by Ian Rankin and the "Kurt Wallander" series by Henning Mankell.



Forgot to mention the "Lucas Davenport series" by John Sandford.

I'm originally from Iowa, so the Davenport character being based in Minnesota was a draw.


Whatever the lyric, it’s a question that’s certainly appropos to Audiogon -

Pomona is east of/at the eastern end of So Cal’s "Inland Empire". It’s a dense suburban mesh of towns that feature (among other things) a large Asian (and Chinese, in particular) population. Along with the Chinese residents comes their fascination with high-end audio and several good in-home dealerships. Katli Audio, in Chino Hills, is a notable example and it’s located less than ten minutes from Pomona.

I’m not sure if Pomona ever had heart, but it’s certainly got some good audio shops nearby.