Did Natalie Merchant support her cd "Leave your sleep" with a tour?

Listened to both cd's last night, wonderful variety of musical genres. Gorgeous sound. Was wondering what type of band she played with if she toured to support the cd. Must have been one awesome show. 
I have been a big fan of Natalie Merchant since her days with 10,000 Maniacs. I’ve seen her live four times...always a great show. I don’t recall a tour for the “Leave Your Sleep” album but it’s OK if I’m wrong. I’ve been too busy the last few years to stay on top of the schedules of touring artists. I know that in the last few years, she has become a mother and I have read that her desire for touring has abated. That’s too bad as I would be happy to see her live again.
we caught her live for the Paradise is There tour in a small venue in San Fran...stunning....and with parts of Seattle Symphony in Benaroya hall...
love her
would buy a recording of her reading phone book

Beezers Ice cream......so good....