did my wife harm my speakers?

Ok i Just got my Revel F30s and love them.
my wife was using the TV remote and for some reason the remote can also mess with the preamp (Preoceed PRE) Well somehow the volume of the preamp went all the way UP!! my amp is a Conrad Johnson Sonograph SA-250 when she pressed play on the CD player the volume was ALL THE WAY UP!!!! now she had enough sense to stop it. but it was at max volume for about 4 seconds. The speakers sound ok but could some damage have been done? what do people think?
Relax -- if they sound okay then I'm sure they are okay. But don't do that again!
Are you sure it was your wife that did it? Or are you just a little bit embarrassed ? :-)
You have nothing to worry about with those Revels. You, also, answered your own question. "They sound fine." If, in 5 years down the road, you have difficulty with those speakers, you'll know who to blame..
You guys are funny. I will like to hear from the wife!!!
Given all the threads here about WAF, or wife acceptance factor, I don't know if it's such a good idea to start blaming your wife for anything that goes wrong with your stereo.

I found this out the hard way recently when I blamed her for something that was actually caused by an electrical spike. Don't you just love the taste of Rockports in the morning?

Then again, you could be going for the guilt factor. As in, honey, you BROKE it. Now we have to get a NEW one.

Either way, it's a mine field I'd rather not tread. :o)
She is still not talking to me after i yelled at her.

So Can High volume "blow" or damage a speaker?
Is there anything like a fuse in them to protect them?
what would happen to my Revels if they got to much power?
Run a test disc and check your frequency levels - easy way to tell if all drivers are ok.
How old is the Proceed PRE? I had one from 1997 and it always changed my TV volume and PRE volume. Madrigal has an upgraded chip to fix this. I contacted them and they sent the chip to me and I installed it myself. Contact them. This is a known problem with the Proceed PRE.
Usually our amps when overdriven or malfunctioning fry our tweeters/crossovers and it is usually all to obvious when this has happened, so relax if it is not obviously damaged. Most equipment is probably designed to survive these minor disasters. Unfortunately this all sounds like poor planning IF you knew of the negative tv remote/preamp interaction in advance. What can go wrong will go wrong. That makes it ALL your fault my friend... do apologize to your wife immediately and sincerely IF this was the case.
Apologize for yelling at her! Then take the speakers in for 'repair' (just have them 'checked out', I'm sure they're fine if they sound fine). Then tell her that you need to buy a new _____ preamp to make sure this doesn't happen again. She'll feel so bad for 'damaging' the speakers, she won't complain. Never pass up a golden opportunity to upgrade. BTW, try a tubed preamp, maybe a AR, BAT, Cary or other. Turn a muff into a gain.
Yes. Absolutely. Now you HAVE TO upgrade. You did'nt want to but now you do not have a choice. Now you must settle for some Atmasphere OTL amps, Sound Labs, La Verdier Platine Turntable, etc. It is all her fault too. See what she made you do ? ;-).
Sorry for my first post ... I couldn't resist it. I see so many threads where "wifey" has committed some terrible misdeed against a beloved hifi. I'm wondering whether these is, somewhere on the web, a kitchen-appliance-agon, where wifes bemoan their culinary challenged husbands who have strayed into the kitchen and ruined the prized blender while trying to make a margarita.
Hey McGrogan! Now I now how you put together that fine system!!!