Did my CJ Blow a Fuse?

I have a pair of Premier 12s. Yesterday, the left channel fuse light came on (while I was warming the amp up). Sure enough, when I tried playing music, 90% of the sound came from the right channel. I took out the suspect fuse, looked at it, put it back into its home in the amp and, whalla, the light went out and left channel came alive as if nothing ever happened. Any idea what that was all about? Any similar experiences? Thanx.
Try cleaning the fuse holder and the fuse. There may have been some built up oxidation which broke lose when the fuse was removed.
Fuses are not always either blown or good, they frequently enter the nether world of weakened but still working. In this state they can be intermittent, blow too soon or even rectify the signal. Try replacing the fuse. Good luck.
thank you both.