Did Meadowlark go out of business?

Did Meadowlark go out of business? The phone number I had for their headquarters has been disconnected.
Yes they did.
That's disappointing, everything I heard about them was good.
Many active threads here on this topic.
Have they completely dissolved, or did they get absorbed by another firm?
About a year ago...
Can I get a re-confirmation on this? Their web site sure doesn't look like they're out of business (though I have yet to get a response to "where's a dealer near me").

Secondly, do the Kestrel Hot Rod versions compare at all to the Paradigm Studio 60's or 100's? I've got a LARGE room to fill (2 X 60 with 8 foot ceilings) and from what I've heard that Kestrel's have a great range, but not necessarily the volume I might need. I'm wanting to make sure as there are some Kestrel's around for decent prices and I wouldn't want to miss out on a cheaper alternative.
Dead as a door knob.
IMHO, the Kestrel Hot Rods far surpass either of the Paradigms. However, w/no support from the company available should you need it, it's a gamble. You might want to research parts/repair options before buying. I'd also expect to pay ~40% of list price maximum, for any Meadowlark products. Cheers,
I currently use the Kestrel Hot Rods in a 13X11 room with excellent results. A few years ago I owned the Studio 60v.2 and consider the Kestrels much better in every respect. It must be noted the reason for selling the Paradigms was when I moved from a large room into a small room dedicated to system. The 60s overpowered the room with excessive bass. If you want to look at Meadowlarks I'd recommend the Shearwaters (which I also owned) or even larger Meadowlarks. The Kestrels may not be large enough for your purpose.
The Shearwaters have a distinctly different sound than the Kestrels, very detailed and clean sounding with ample bass for larger room. BTW I paid less than $500 for my Kestrel HRs two years ago so some of the prices here seem a little high to me. Good luck.