Did Krell ever produce an out standing CD player??

I was recently told to investigate Krell products if looking for new and better CD player. The Krell 505 and C28s were high/y recommended. Unfortunately, they were both over $5000, and more or less required a Krell pre-amp or integrated tricked out with CAST design circuitry which optimizes CD playback

However, I have read a few reviews about the newer Krell S350 which praised the overall performance of the player.

It retails for $3500, though may be discontinued. Has anyone ever owned this player?? Can it compete with CD players from Ayre, and Rega, possibly Ayon which are in the $3000-$3500 price range
Krell made a spectacular top loader in the 90's. If you see one for sale snap it up
20i in the mid 90s....and 25SC in the early 2000s.
I agree withe the findings here!
The 20i is a state of the art Cd player. If you ever come across one, it will be the last CD player you will ever need..
Do you believe the 20i is better than the 25sc?
Krell made some excellent sounding CD players but just not reliable. Replacement parts will be scarce so would avoid anything long out of production.
I own the Krell S-350, have used it in my system for 3 years and am satisfied. The 350S replaced my Cambridge Audio 840C CD player. The Cambridge was not reliable, and I had to send it in for repair 3 times. The Krell has worked reliably for 3 years. I have not listened to Ayre, Rega or Ayon. The Krell plays most all of my collection of rock CDs with great aplomb. The Krell's strength are detail and soundstage. If this is what you like, then give the Krell S-350 a listen. Long listening sessions are rewarding.
Thankyou for the great feedback on the Krell S-350 player, congrats to you, I do not own one, as a advid Krell owner, I suspect many would agree with your findings, Happy Listening.
I used a Krell DVD Standard for years as a CD player. It sounded fantastic thru the balanced outputs.

As Joecasey mentioned, the transport needed replacing eventually. It played CD's fine, just would not play DVD's.

Anyway, I sent it in for the HDMI upgrade and transport upgrade. While it was getting fixed, I set up a MacMini and haven't looked back. Not one DVD was ever played thru the Krell and it now sits in a box in storage...