Did I make a mistake buying Krell?

I was in search of a nice integrated amp that I could keep around for a long time. I got a good deal on a Krell KAV-300i, so I made a command decision to buy it.

I haven't hooked it up yet but I'm second guessing if it was the right decision. My equipment that will be used with the Krell: EAD-2000 cdp and Klipsch KLF-20 & Chorus II speakers (99db & 101db sensitivity respectively). The Klipsch speaker crossovers have upgraded resistors and caps and I can honestly say they don't sound bright and forward anymore. I would describe the sound right now as much warmer and alot less forward than before.

My question to you folks is:
1. Is Krell a good match for my existing set up?
2. What is the Krell sound?
3. If Krell isn't a good match, what would be better in the $1000-$1500 used range?

You have the amp so why not hook it up and make the decision for yourself??? If you don't like the sound you can sell the Krell and roll the cash into something else,but at least you'll have more of a clue of what will match better with your existing components. Personally if they don't match up-I'd keep the Krell and unload the Klipsch's. System synergy can best be determined by your own ears-in your own listening room. Good luck.
The Krell should work fine with what you have. Nearly every time a person buys something they wonder if they're doing the right thing. No one can answer that question but you. Put it in the system and listen to your favorite music. If you like how it sounds, then you did the right thing.
Most Krells are neutral...sometimes not a good thing with digital, ie...what goes in, comes out! BTW, I own Krell and like it a lot...not sure I would own it with Klipsch though?

Hook it up and have a listen?

man i cant think of a better amp to run klipsch speakers with,bag all the hype about klipsch & tubes you have an outstanding amp with the krell & your klipsch will love it.

klipsch chorus speakers are IMO the best sounding model that klipsch ever made & they excell big time when paired with a amp that can man handel them & the krell will do just that.

what i dont get is why you are already 2nd guessing the krell before you have even heard it ? i have owned your speakers along with just about every speaker from the klipsch heritage line & i found that a great solid state amp would out perform tube amps any day with them.

ive also owned & few krell amps & have paired them with my khorns & the match was outta sight!

With the sensitivity being what it is on both pair of speakers, I suggest you try an integrated 300b amp. (Disclosure: I have ONE of the FOUR that I own for sale, but NOT trying to sell it here)
I used several 300B amps with the KLF20's that I had, and they worked wonderfully together. Give it a try and see!
Good luck and Good listening!
I have always wanted to try Krell but called Krell and they said it would be the kiss of death to use with my horn loaded speakers, not a good match!
I don't man, I would be really nervous about your decision if I were you. You may want to go to some other forums and ask them what they think before you hook things up.
Well, IMHO Krell has made significant changes in their products over the years and now makes so many products for so many different markets that I don't think a "krell" sound exists. That said, the Krell may be overkill for 99 to 101 db speakers.
Keep in mind, I never said Klipsch & Krell would not make a good match, Krell themselves made that statement to me over the phone. Call Krell yourself and see. But it was the KSA series I was inquiring about, not the new Krell amps. I would not get rid of your horn loaded speakers, because they are very sensitive, maybe 96db & higher, opens the door to use lower powered ss amps or set tube amplifiers and allows you to dispense with higher powered, high priced amps. Klipsch speakers sound excellent with the right gear. I have been using four very large Klipsch speakers (102db sensitivity) for ten years. Audiophiles who have heard them left very impressed. I know which quality amps to use with them.
I owned a KAV-300i for about 6 months. I really tried to like it but it always came off as sterile. It lacked the warmth I prefer and perhaps what others call "neutral". It did dredge up bass that I did not know was with in my speakers, it was quick on transients but the highs seemed edgy. I had it matched with 90db monitors (ACI Sapphires).

I feel it may well overpower your klipsch and that you never get the full benefit of its excellent power. Heck, it may never even get warm.

My experience only-your mileage may vary.
I had KLF 30's with a 300i for two years. Then I bought a pair of B&W DM 602.5's & I never looked back. Where you made the mistaken is buying the klipsch. Knock on the side of the cabinet that ringing sound you hear is not quality.
Krellm7 I will have to agree with you on your choice to pair a Krell amp with B&W speakers as I have a close buddy on Audiogon that has this set up & loves it. I don't agree with your asessment on all Klipsch speakers as the different models are not all equal in sound or build quality. I have the Klipsch CF4s which were next to the best Klipsch speaker sold in the early nineties, you will never see me sell these. The McCormack amps sound excellent with Klipsch speakers as I found out, also Steve McCormack mentioned to me in a phone conversation that some of his customers felt the same way. I am not dismissing Krell as a good power amp as I never heard one but rather making a suggestion as what works well & sounds good with Klipsch. I love well designed horn speakers, someday I hope to purchase Advantgarde. Vman71, let us know how things work out.
the krell is your keeper. hook up and play.
Hook it up, and you tell us if you made a mistake. Audio is a very personal think - 100 people could say they dont like klpipsch + krell but you could disagree. I owned the Klipsch KLF20 and I loved how dynamic they were. Try comparing your Krell with a good tube amp, especially an SET, and you tell us which you prefer and why.
Well, the Krell was hooked up this weekend. My first impressions are that this integrated amp has tons of power, probably too much for my Klipsch speakers. The sound was very clean, good soundstage and good imaging. I thought that the sound, while very clean and having a super quiet background, came off brighter than what I expected. Coming from Sunfire seperates, some of the warmth was gone and the music seemed stiff, not as musical.

I'll spend some time with it this week but I think that I'm going to sell it.
The Krell has way more power than you need, not that there's anything wrong with that. Conventional wisdom says too much watts is better than not enough. If I had your speakers, I'd be looking at SET amps, not solid-state behemoths. I wish my speakers could be run by a SET.
Be sure and give it ample time (200 hrs.) for the amp the break-in/burn-in before you amke a final decision.
Vman - Your results are as I expected. Your really only need a couple watts for those KLF20s. I would encourage looking into <20WPC SET amplifiers. Hooking one up to those very efficient speakers was a "wow" moment for me.
Sunfire smoother?
what ic's and power cables are you using ?
Back in 1997, I auditioned the Krell KAV 300 for my first amp. Ear bleeding is not my cup of tea. It could impress some but it did not impress me.
They make better amps now, but I'm still allergic to Krell since that first encouter.
krellm7,you took the words right out of my mouth!


From cdp to integrated - using Violin Concierto
Power chord to cdp - Acoustic Zen Tsunami Plus
Power chord to integrated - Electraglide Reference Glide


What I'm trying to say is the sound is warmer, not as bright and not so in my face with the Sunfire. With the Krell, my speakers sound identical to when I had the original speaker crossover networks in them. When I had all the resistor and caps replaced with high quality ones, my speakers were not bright at all, not so forward and had a warmer feel.

if you want the best integrated amp, then you should check out the DK Design Group vs-1 reference
Let the krell warm up for a few days, it may have been off for months. I am not trying to bash your Sunfire but I had A Cinema Grand amp & it was cold & bright sounding.
In no way did it sound better than the Krell.
But if you like it better than it is better(for you).
I have owned many klipsch in my time Heresy,KG3.5,KG5.5,Chorus,KLF 30's you will never hear them until you put a tube amp on them. That is what they are designed for, do your self a favor pick up a tube intergrated on the Gon you will never go back trust me.
Your mix might be a little anemic sounding, especially without tone controls with klipsch speakers, they are good speakers for the dollar but need some good combos to make them really sound right, I had klipsch for years and commend the basic design and type of approch they make, but you may need to go with different amplification for them.. To the question on Krell, well my opinion really does not matter but none of the stuff I tried impressed me, I like much more Organic, musical sounding stuff, not necessarily super accurate.
I tried a sunfire as well, 2 channel something around 2300.00 price... I hated it, very cold sounding definatly, however carver and sunfire always makes pretty good preamps... With klipsch I heard the sunfire and it was the worst mix.
It is my opinion when purchasing a pair of speakers you are laying the foundation to hopefully a very good system. Most of your dollars should go there and matching other components are critical. When reading other peoples reviews on amps the first thing I would look at is what type of speakers are being used in this review. Personal preferences will of course prevail as some audiophiles like a more extended (brighter), accurate sound, others prefer a warmer musical sound. A general opinion can be formed as to what amps sound good with a particular brand of speakers but regardless which sound is prefered in the end, it would have to have the refinements usually associated with quality gear in my opinion. Finally, transparency, a soundstage that is both large and deep are high on my list as well.
Okay, I'll spend a little more time with the Krell and let it settle in to it's new environment. I'm stuck with the Klipsch speakers, so I need to give the Krell a fair trail. If I don't like the Krell and sell it, I'll try a tube integrated.

I ended up buying an integrated because I knew that there was better out there. I'm keeping the Sunfire combo for HT and the integrated is for 2 channel only.

I will agree Krellm7, I'm hearing alot more accuracy with the Krell than I ever did with the Sunfire.
The 300i will do Class A for the first few watts, about 70% of your average listing volume.
the krell is using very little of its rated power to drive your speakers. your speakers line-of-fire should also cross just in front of where you sit.give it time.....

I've given it a couple of days to be "on" and have spent some time listening to it today. It's just not the right integrated amp for me and my equipment.

To the selling block it goes. Once it's sold, I'll be considering other integrated amps and maybe even trying a tube integrated amp.

Thanks for all the comments based on your experiences. They were helpful and my ears are telling me that this just isn't a good marriage.

I have no choice, the Klipsch have to stay which means that the Krell must go.