Did I kill my stylus?

I came home tonight after being out for 8 hours to find that I had left my VPI Scout on that whole time after it reached the end of the record I was playing. I'm so careful not to let it even reach the end typically but somehow it just slipped my mind before I went out.

Did I do any permanent damage? There was a line of vinyl dust around the end of the lead out where the stylus had been continuously cutting into the record.

It sounds OK when I played it but I wanted to get some thoughts or experiences. It's a Dyna 10x5, about 6 months old.

Clean you stylus as you normally would, otherwise this shouldn't be a problem.
All you've done is put another eight hours on your cart.
The only thing you probably killed was the lead-out. I did this once, only I left the turntable on overnight. No damage to the cartridge.
Make sure you clean the stylus with something more aggressive than a dry brush or a soft gel or goop. Search for "Magic Eraser" if you need ideas.
Been there, done that....no harm done save, as others mentioned, you aged your stylus without commensurate pleasure
Everybody's done it.No big deal.You even have less wear because though it followed lead out groove it didn't get rough edges of music groove.It would have been trouble for you if full LP was replayed over and over since pounds per square inch are incredible considering weight and heat generated on such a small point.But not a problem here.

I spoke to long time VPI tech who told me that after using a Vacuum machine (even when new first out of sleeve) since there are chemicals you don' wan (release compounds from stamper) that giving it a scrub (he gave me alcohol based home brew recipe that works great.Follow up with plain watter and then zap it with a Milty Zerostat to remove built up static that will attract dust))that one should invest in atrociously expensive LAST preservative (he had no finacial interest in suggesting it). He said he had folks come up to him and play their Lp's at shows and he ask how many plays it had gotten.They'd replay "Hundreds" whereas he would have guessed half a dozen maybe a dozen.It s one "tweak" that is essential!!!I wouldn't be without it.
P.S. if you don't have ching for VPI 16.5 machine get Alsop Orbitrac with it's replacement pads.Discwasher brush just sloshes dust arround and does not lift it from LP.
Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease!!
Where does one find Alsop Orbitrac? I googled it but got nothing but great reviews no dealers.