Did I do any damage. . . .?

So today for some reason I checked my Dynavector 20x2L stylus force with my digital force guage.  To my amazement it read almost 2.8 when it should be between 1.8 - 2.2. I clearly recall setting it to 2.2 the last time I checked it. I don't know what happened, but the real question I have is did I do damage!  I've only maybe put between 20 - 30 hours - maybe less.  I checked with a loop and couldn't see any obvious wear, but I'm not an expert.

No, I wouldn't worry about it.
I think, the real question is why the tracking force setting has changed seemingly just by itself.
rest easy...you're cartridge is fine.  Actually, cartridges are quite rugged.
My bet is no worries, it is better to run them heavy than too light for sure.  Cartridges are a whole lot more resilient than we think.

Dear last_lemming: I concur that is really non-existent the possibility of any damage to your cartridge especially for those low playing hours.

Now, always is critical that the VTF of any cartridge be inside the manufacturer's range specifications/advise because inside that range is where coild are centered and where the cartridge suspension was designed for a good tracking lowering distortions in what we are listening.

Regards  and enjoy the music,
 Bertie I appreciate you putting my mind at ease!
 Strike "Bertie" I was trying to say "thanks everybody"

 Damn you AutoCorrect!