Did I damage my speakers?

I'm worried I may have damaged my new speakers -- I started playing them only 30 minutes or so after I got them inside from 15-20 degree outside temperatures.

They sound fine to me, but I'm realized after the fact I should have let them acclimate to room temperature slowly and now I am fretting about it...

This worrying is really getting to me. Any thoughts most appreciated
if they sound OK they probably are

my 2 cents...

No worries... think about all the times you listened to your car stereo speakers first thing in the morning during the winter.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and work as a Process engineer in the Plastics industry. The only thing that would have suffered from the cold would have been the elastic elongation of the foam/rubber surround and the glue that holds them. If the surround looks fine then there is no problem. The other thing that could happen in theory is the metal wiring in the cross over could have expanded at different rates and pulled apart from each other (more so with aluminum than copper). But if that were the case they would not work...

Enjoy the speakers, most speakers are very tough!
If the worrying is "getting to you", the question is, CAN YOU GET RID OF THE WORRY? You know yourself. Sell if the answer is no because you'll forever be thinking about it and NOT enjoying.
Phil and James --

Thanks very much for your responses, they are reassuring.

Lindisfanre --

I appreciate what you are saying, and it is I think what we all can go through in a situation like this. I guess I sure don't want to sell -- these were expensive speakers and hard to come by, and they sound excellent to me. I know that this is the bottom line.

I'm just trying to get some information on how badly I screwed up, and what the potential implications are. So far it seems like I'm probably okay, but I hope a few more folks will weigh in.

Thanks again.
For some more reassurance I think you did no harm. The surround on the cone and the cone its self are on the thin side and will change temperature quickly. After 15 minutes I think they would be at room temperature.

The MDF and or other materials will take some time to get to room temps but they don't move (besides a little expansion and contraction due do temp.) So no harm done.
I agree with those who say if they sound all right they are not damaged. If you want to put your fears to rest get a hold of the manufacture and see what they say.
If they sound good, don't worry.
Sounds like the upgrade bug already to me.
Whynot: Cryo break in, I believe you may start a new trend.
Seriously though, I bet they're just fine. About the worry, I read this excellent advice on another audio site; "worry is payment in advance for a debt that may never come due"...or something like that! LOL