Did Audio Research ever make an LS 17 or LS 17 SE preamp that is all silver

Hello everyone, if you can please help me I would greatly appreciate it.  I ordered an Audio Research Ref 75 SE amplifier and LS 17 SE preamplifier from a local shop here in town.  The shop did not have the LS 17 SE in stock so I never saw a physical copy, but  I researched the LS 17 SE on the Audio Research website and the only picture that Audio Research had for the LS 17 SE was all silver -- a silver front plate and silver on the top and sides.  I discussed the color with the shop here in town and ordered a silver LS 17 SE and a silver Ref 75 SE.  The equipment finally came and the Ref 75 SE was all silver, but the LS 17 SE has a silver face plate and a black top/side.  The store told me that Audio Research never made an LS 17  or SE that was all silver, that the picture looked all silver because of the lighting that they used, and that my best option was to use a can of Rustoleum spray paint and spray paint the LS 17 SE and the Ref 75 SE (so that the Ref 75 SE would match).  Needless to say, after spending almost $13,000 on these two pieces, I was pretty upset at the suggestion that I should spray paint them.  I can not believe that Audio Research would advertise and post a picture of an LS 17 SE in all silver when they did not ever make an all silver LS 17 SE.  Because of this and other issues I have had with my local store I am not sure what to believe so I thought I would ask for help here -- does anyone know if Audio Research ever made an LS 17 or an LS 17 SE preamplifier that had a silver face plate and was also silver on the top and sides?  Also, does anyone here have any thoughts on spray painting this brand new equipment?  Thank you all so much in advance for your help and advice. 
I was an ARC dealer for many years and never remember any of the preamps having all silver casing. I have also owned almost every preamp/linestage that they have made and don’t recall anything but a black top and chassis.

I think the newer SP20 can be had in all silver and maybe one/two of their anniversary or special edition models, but other than that no all silver.

I would NOT spray paint anything. That could really ruin the look of the unit and lower its resale value.
Mofimadness, thank you very much for the response.  I did not like the idea of spray painting the new equipment and was shocked that my store suggested it.  Thank you for your help and insight. 
I concur- never paint any gear like this.
where are you located and whom is your dealer/retailer?

Happy Listening!
To add what I stated above. The current ARC preamp finishes are:

REF 6-All Silver only (right now anyway)

REF 10-Either All Silver or All Black

SP20-Either all Silver or all Black

LS27-Silver with Black top/chassis or All Black

Actually ARC calls their silver finish Natural.
Hi Everyone; thanks for all the help.  The retailer came up with a good idea and got it fixed.  He called ARC and had them take another LS 17 SE case and had ARC paint it at ARC's plant int he Silver (or natural color so the top matches the front) and then sent it to me.  So I now have the original black top plate and a silver one (the silver one is on the machine for my benefit and the black one is in the box in case I ever sell it).  I was very happy with this solution (not so happy with the rustoleum solution) and was happy the retailer was able to work this out with ARC and take care of me and make everything right.  For anyone interested, the name of the retailer is Soundings, here in Denver, Colorado and the final resolution I think was excellent and I'm very happy.  Thanks again everyone.   
gasherbaum...glad everything worked out.  Soundings is a great store and the owner Rod is a fantastic guy.  I've known him for many years now.
I have to add, that I recently bought Rods demo REF5se and he was very accomadating in obtaining  black faceplate and making sure everything was as I wanted. Having dealt with Rod over the past decades, he is extremely knowledgable and has a goal of a very happy customer. As busy as he is, he always takes time to resolve my concerns. Soundings is a true brick and mortar audio store and you can feel the passion as you enter the door.
I have to agree with what you say about Rod.  He is great.  He was at my house recently doing a master set and it definitely helped my system a ton.  He was the one that also recommended the ARC, which I love, and he recommended the analysis plus speaker wires, which were so much better than what i had before.  With his help my system is getting better everyday.  I have Thiel 3.7 speakers, the ARC amp and preamp, Analysis Plus wires and interconnects, and a Simaudio 280D streaming DAC.  Thanks everyone, I love this website and the forums, they are so helpful.