Did anyone use a Bang & Olufsen turntable w/ Mac?

I have a McIntosh tube system and would like to see if any has been using a Bang & Olufsen turntable with their McIntosh sytem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow members.
This is actually a classic combination - In the years I serviced high-end audio for a living, Mac and B&O together accounted for the majority of my business, and I knew many die-hard Mac owners and collectors that were equally passionate about their Beogram 4000 or 8000 series.

I personally feel that the phono stage was the weakest part of many (but not all) vintage and modern Mac preamps, and the better Beograms and cartridges are capable of outstanding performance and deserve a top-notch MM phono stage. Raul's thread on MM cartridges has some good info about proper loading on the vintage B&O cartridges; you might do a quick search.
Thanks and glad to know that they can be paired. I am thinking of a vintage turntable around like Bang & Olufsen 8002 and B&O RX with MMC2 cartridge. I am using tube amps.
I use a B&O RX2 turntable with a the MMC2 cartridge playing through a McIntosh C220 tube preamp and it sounds just fine. Obviously, there are better turntables out there but this combo suits me just fine. By the way, I was using the MMC3 cartridge and that too sounded good. The replacement cartridges are really expensive. I happen to pick up a used B&O turntable that had the MMC2 cartridge for $175 so it was a no brainer.
Thanks fellow members. I just got this used Bang & Olufsen 8002 with a MMC2 cartridge and will test it this weekend. Can't wait how this one sound. I'll keep you guys posted.
A B&O 8002 with MMC2 is what I used to run. A full B&O system actually. Sounded great!