Did anyone hear the Cardas "Clear Beyond"...

in the Merlin room@CES?
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If anyone "heard" them there is something wrong. :-)

My dealer says they are incredible and stupid expensive.
I heard the room and it was very musical. One of the better ones I thought. Bobby was delightful as always. Not sure what part the cable played but the overall impact was excellent. Looked very well built.

I am a dealer but not for any of the gear but the joule.

No one seems to know the price. I called the Cable Company and even they were in the dark.
I called Cardas yesterday to inquire about the speaker cables in this line and....for a 2.5 metered bi-wired pair the cost would be around $10,000.....okay, stop right there. Now, this was just a ''ball -park '', but I got the idea. No power cords as of this date.
Well bi-wire should cost a little more right Garebear? :-)
Ya know Art...that's good point. Cardas did not mention if that was a true '' shot gun'' bi-wire of two runs of this cable which in some respect would make some sense based on the price I was told ....or if that was an internal bi-wire cost in which yes...that is expensive. I will find out
Found out that it's $8+ a pair(single-wire assume).
It's $8k+ for single-wire(I assume).
basic pricing is as follows, based on my notes: Speaker Cable is about $4500 for an 8' pair of "Clear" and double that for "Clear Beyond". Clear Beyond can be internally bi-wired, while Clear cannot (Clear Beyond is 4 double conductors rather than 2). If bi-wiring is required, a shotgun, external bi-wire run of "Clear" should be the way to go (and presumably would cost about the same as Clear Beyond).

Interconnect pricing is significantly lower, being about $1800 for a 1-meter single ended (RCA) pair, and about $2150 for 1-meter balanced (XLR) pair.

From my conversation with George, he could not be more enthusiastic about his achievements with the Clear lineup. There probably will be a power cable incorporating the technology of Clear, but don't look for it in 2009. Hope this helps.
The clear is actually 4 conductor cable (Beyond is 8) but the conductors are configured as mirrored coaxials to common mode forces in the cable. I think a bi-wire Clear is in the works.
George and Colleen were kind enough to give me a pair of Clear Beyond cables and interconnects to try out. They are truly magnificent, the best I have heard yet. It's hard to imagine George developing anything that will better the performance of the Clear Beyond.
Armita, with all manufacturers there seems to be a breakthrough improvement of performance when sales of the current line decline. Have you noticed that? :-)
Clear Blue Yonder cannot be far behind. Sorry, beyond.
LOL the other choice would be to disappear which most do.
I own and like Cardas speaker wires, but these are
"Clearly Beyond" my budget in this wonderful economy.
Where can I order ICs on the net ?
The Cable Company.
MCV Consulting 803.589.9181
Good Luck!
MCV Consulting

How much do they cost for 1 Metre IC ?
I am located in Thailand.
Clear Blue Yonder cannot be far behind. Sorry, beyond.

I think they should call them "Sky High".
Since my original slightly impertinent post, I actually heard the Clear ICs and Clear Beyond SCs connecting a VTL 7.5 to Siegfrieds pushing X2s.

The cables were "clearly" in the same league as the fine components to which they were connected but represent a significant departure from the Cardas house sound. That pleased my ears but I'm sure others will prefer the midbass richness and upper midrange presence of Cardas GR or Cardas GC.

I had long given up on Cardas , my first cable love, but reconciliation may be at hand.
Khrys, how would you describe the non house Cardas sound you heard?

VTLs and X2s? Nice.....
JOULE-ELTRA Marianne Electra Memorial Preamp, LA-100ME debuted in this room yet no one even mentioned this and the question is ...how cables sounded? May be 99% improvment was result of two or three years of Jud Barber work (and lately Simon Thacher formerly from Spectron) and not these wires??? (may be 50/50, may be 90/10 - but discard flagship of highly respectable designer as it did not existed....Brrrrrrrrrr )

Gary Westside-music - if you are Joule dealer may be you have more details?

Khrys.... did you happen to hear or not hear the "Clears" at Brooks Berdan's?
I'm sorry to say but if you are using the "right" cable for your system (that matches well with your gear), a $2,000 speaker cable won't be inferior to the stratospheric priced ones (> $8,000). People, you should bear in mind that gear is about 85% of the sound, while cables (and tweaks) are only responsible for 15%.
With other words: You should not think that by buying $10,000 speaker cable your gear is going to sound much better.

hi Dazzdax,reading your post gave me a little to share to all members that are posting here,first i respect your opinion,im going to give mine,me and few friends are kind of audiophiles that listen music 6 +++ hours daily,our system are most of the time on since we do a lot of testing,at this moment we are using Jena Labs cables,we have a almost $1500 cable plug in and replaced recently for Jena $4200 cable and i have to tell theres a big difference in sound more than 15% it is like changing some gear in the system,the whole sound change and when i bought this $4200 cable my friend upgraded to the Jena $9000 cable and i listen to his system and i have to tell that it is another level of music and again it is like changing another gear,cables make a huge difference in sound in Jena case this is true and since we try another cables,we know that companies like Cardas and others,there cables stairs in price are for a reason and for a reason only to better our listening and to tune your ears with the most expectacular sound,we are planing to buy a set of the Clear IC and the Clear or Clear Beyond speaker cable,as soon we test them,full break in,we are going to Post what we heard since we already know how the Cardas Golden Reference sounds one of our favorites cables and our expectation is that the Clear is in another league.
"our expectation is that the Clear is in another league."

In my opinion, you just invalidated the need for an audition.
You've already set the expectation. That's what you will hear.

In my system, Cardas Cables - any of them including the Ayre variant are the very worst cables I've tried. I've tried Nodost, Wireworld, Purist, Audioquest, Kimber, etc....all top of the lines.
I bought the cardas beyond what a GREAT speaker cable
I own them too. While the price is offensive, they are fabulous cables.