Did anyone have the Polk audio LS speakers?

I have a set of polk audio ls-50 that I loved.
Now I have vandersteens that i have not yet heard. A I pack up and sell of the old I wounder how much better are these Vandersteens than the old Polk Audio.
Are these polks any good? Not much info on these speakers.
I had the LS 70 back in '98. I thought they were excellent speakers. Of course, I only paid 450 for the pair. My guess is the newer Vandersteens will take the thrill right out of the Polks, however.
The Polks are surprisingly good, but I believe, as S7horton mentioned, that the Vandersteens are in a whole other league.

I had LS50s. Nice speakers. I think you're going to like the Vandersteens.
I still own LS50's that i enjoy, but again as above, the vandy's are in another league altogether. BTW, the matching looks great.
Funny how the journey goes. Those polk speakers were the best I had ever heard in College. Then on to the vandersteens, then on to Chapman t-7, then apogees(regret selling them), then odyssey audio, back to Chapman t-8.

Settled for a while, till I stumble on a crazy deal. But my favorite albums have never changed.