Did anyone have a positive experience on RSD?

For me, it was the release of Maria Taylor's first two albums on vinyl. If you're in to female singer/songwriters, you should check her out.
The Mountain Goats Beat the Champ kinda sums up the eccentric cool that RSD is all about. Double 45 rpm, one clear yellow and one swirled, fine SQ and musical performance, and an improbably successful drawn-out concept album--life on the road of the pro wrestling circuit.
Neko Case-Fox Confessor Brings The Flood on 180 gram, red colored vinyl was the one I really wanted, (and got).

The Gregg Allman 10 inch picture disc with (2) never released songs and the other (2) are with Jackson Browne and Vince Gill and Zac Brown is pretty cool also.

I had a great RSD and found everything I was looking for. The crowds were very nice and polite and overall, just a wonderful day...
Slaw...thanks for the heads up on Maria Taylor. I've never heard of her. Tidal has one of her albums. I need to listen to it.
Mofimadness: If you like MT, you need to check out Orenda Fink. She is the other half of Azure Ray (Orenda Fink/Maria Taylor = Azure Ray). I've written some about OF of late. These are two awesome female singer/songwriters!

"Blue Dream" is an absolutely awesome lp!
Slaw...thanks! I just checked and unfortunately Tidal doesn't have anything by her or Azure Ray. I'll have to look elsewhere.

One of favorite new albums is "Blackbirds" by Gretchen Peters. Highly recommended!
Mofimadness: FWIW: I tend to like these artists' solo lps vs them as Azure Ray.

Here are my favorites...

Maria Taylor:
"Lynn Teeter Flower"

Orenda Fink:
"Blue Dream"
"Ask The Night"

After listening, you'll ask yourself, Why haven't these great artists had more exposure?

I can absolutely recommend you purchasing these titles on vinyl! Thanks you for your recommendation!
Mofimadness: I just checked out your recommendation of Gretchen Peters. I put it in my cart for possible purchase. Thank you very much!
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