Did anyone else notice.....

That AR ( Audio Review ) has changed their pricing policy to post ad's there ? I dropped in there just by chance and noticed that they are now at the same rate as Audiogon ( coincidence, i think not ). They've given up on the "percentage" fee as their classifieds had dwindled down to NOTHING. There are more listings over there within the last few days than there has been in a LONG time.

I know that when i've posted items for sale on the "big four" ( A-gon, Audioshopper, Audioweb and AR ) simultaneously, i've had BY FAR the best results here. I also have noticed that items sold here tend to be taken care of a little better and the people are overall easier to work with / more conscientous in terms of abiding by their statements and how things are packed, etc...

With all of that in mind, i don't think that Audiogon has anything to fear from AR or even from the new "classifieds" at AA. All of these websites have slightly different "flavors", people that traffic them and simply add to our options as audiophiles and consumers. For me, the more the merrier !!! : ) Sean

I like this site best. The knowledge that I have acquired from this site is incredible. People really seem to know their stuff and help others out with their expertise.
Having only made purchases in the past, I advertised four items a day and a half ago. I priced them fairly and they're all sold (three the first 24 hrs). Both buying and selling has been a complete pleasure on Audiogon not to mention the always interesting and useful forum discussions. It's about as good as it gets.
My experience has been like Sean's, ie I've gotten, by far, the best results by selling on Audiogon as compared to the other 3 audio sites he mentions. Still, I'm glad to see that Audio Review has made their ad prices more competitive. Cheers. Craig