Did anybody use a Straight Wire Virtuoso R I/C?

I am using a Straight Wire Virtuoso R interconnect with my Cary 308t CD player, SLI-50 and SLI-80 integrated amps.
Initially, when used with the CAL CL-15 CD players (both balanced and unbalanced modifications), this cable gave a very odd impression. Before that, I borrowed from a friend a Virtuoso "Gold" interconnect and I liked it so much that I ordered its new version, Virtuoso R, without prior auditioning. However, I was disappointed because it sounded very harsh and bright, as opposed to the older "Gold" cable.
After a couple of months, however, the sound of the Virtuoso R changed for the better. It is well-focused and has a very powerful and controlled bass. It is especially good with jazz and classics (harps, violins, and pianos). What it lacks, however, is airy highs.
Did anybody have experience with this cable?

Thanks in advance,
I believe that the Virtuoso R is just a repackaged Virtuoso Platinum (they were losing money selling two versions of the cable). So it makes sense that the Gold version that you heard sounded a bit more mellow. I use Virtuoso throughout my system and find it to be a very transparent and musical cable. It has its detractors, however.

I had both Virtuoso Platinum and Gold XLR cables and tried these each at various links in my system. After trying so many other cables out there, Cardas, MIT, NBS, etc., did I realize how bright and forward these cables can be. However, it did appear to have good resolution.
Bright and forward? I have a tube based system and would
not charaterize it at all as bright and forward (if anything
I wouldn't mind a bit more forwardness). SW virtuoso
throughout, Discovery Essential speaker cable.