Did anybody else get a Keyloger spam from Jriver?

My Kaspersky quaranteed something from J River. Called it pdm.keylogger. Anyone else get this? What do you make of it, if anything?

No problems today or yesterday. AVG antivirus 2013 shows no threats or troubles of any kind. Curious>
It was tagged 10/17. I went to open the program, said it was loading ver. 17 (which I already had installed)then the warning came up. This is what was quarantened:

I thought it was strange.
IMO, The Kapersky is looking at the JRiver as some kind of malware etc, it captures data from your music library and uses various files (music, pictures, video,... etc) and also searches the Internet for information, tagging, artwork, similar files.

You will notice that you can click on Amazon, Goggle, AMG, and other web sites from the Media Center. Some of those sites keep track of cookies and other info. I would not be worried about it as long as you downloaded your software from reliable source and it showed "NO Viruses" when imported to your system.

I am not an expert in this, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn a few years back! :>)
Who can advise whether I need to change the antivirus on the Macbook Air?
I use Avast. I watched the ratingĀ best antivirus for macĀ and Avast does not occupy a leading position. In many ratings ScanGuad is a leader.