Dick's Picks on Vinyl

Hey Dead fans,
Did you hear that Brookvale Records is issuing all of the DP releases on vinyl?
Yes, there is some controversy over the first two releases using the digital masters instead of analog, but it is still pretty cool. Also, they are limited to 2,000 copies.
They are also pretty pricey, so my wallet is not going to be happy even though I will be.
Anyone else planning to order these?
I have a bunch of the HDCD Dick's Picks CD's, and since my Rotel deck has HDCD capability, I'm thrilled with the way these CD's sound. I have almost all of the original Grateful Dead albums on vinyl, so I probably will not be buying any of the overpriced vinyl "Picks."
I hope you enjoy whatever you buy. Happy Listening, and Keep on Truckin' !!
What an overpriced money grab. I will pass on these and I have been a sucker for lots of the Dead's reissues and much spent on tickets and touring back in the day. I can understand completely new material, but not this plan. Funny to see that they "lost" some of the masters for the first few Dick's Picks issues, and they are using the CD as the vinyl source! Lame.
These vinyls will be made of cwap and will sound like one as well. I've had this experience wanting to 'renovate' few of the records that I have in bad condition with the new ones and immediately returned them back to the store. After unpacking Can's new vinyl reissue of tago mago at first I've almost cut my fingers over rough edge surface. At second I realized that vinyl is warped beyond tolerance of rested arm/cartridge. At third managing to lay the cartridge and playing it I realize that I'd rather listen to some clicks and pops. After I was told that open new vinyls are not refundable, I tossed the record onto the store counter and charged-back my card.
I admittedly am very picky about which GD recordings I'll invest in. Much of it has to do with the recording quality as well as the playlist. There were a number of CD's in the DP catalogue which left me unimpressed due to recording issues. What comes to my mind most often is a shallow low end so that Phil Lesh starts disappearing (not dynamically) into the lower registers and the kick drums sound as though they're made out of cardboard. Personally, I can't see much reason for putting recordings like these onto vinyl pressings. The other draw-back is having to get out of my rocking chair to flip sides every half an hour. For the record collection that I own, this side flipping isn't such a big deal but I wouldn't want to do it for bootleg Dead shows.
I'm solely a mono vinyl guy since I continue to own and upgrade only mono cartridges and this rules out the GD on vinyl anyway. I'll take my money to the classical music store as this remains my steady diet of choice to begin with.