Dibeisi speakers

I'm attempting to research Dibeisi speakers but there isn't alot on the net or anywhere else .
I think they are Chinese produced but not sure.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
I have a set of Dibeisi DBS805 speakers that I picked up in a pawn shop...I've never heard of them before, and can't find anything online about them either. The plates on the back don't say anything about country of origin, unfortunately. They sound fantastic though, and can handle a lot of power. I'm guessing the 250 watts they are rated for would be an accurate rating. I've thrown 120 watts RMS per channel at them, full volume, and they have never distorted or shown any signs of reaching their limit. I too would like to know more about them....
I Have a set of Dibeisi speakers and I am looking to get a matching set but not sure where to find them. If any one has any information I would greatly appreciate an email.
Thank you
i bought my set of Dbs602 out the back of a truck in 2001 and they sound as good as the day i bought them. I'm also trying to find out any info as well.
Hey everybody
Dibeisi DBS5610

I'm a DJ and I bought some Debeisi Dj Speakers and they sound ok, I mean compared to my pioneer ones I have at home, the dibeisi aren't as good but im satisfied with their performance. I used them at a couple gigs with a 400 watt amp, and at extremely high volume they start to give in but everthing else is good.