Diapason vs Reference 3A de Capo i

I need to buy a bookshelf speaker, my choice is between Reference 3A de Capo i or Diapason Adamantes III,
If my CDP is Esoteric, amp is McLntosh, in your opinion, which speaker has better sound to produce ?
Answers will be pretty subjective and it really depends on what you want from a loudspeaker.

The Adamantes are gorgeous on the eyes and a little more refined sounding than the De Capo i but miss some of the dynamics. The De Capo i are pretty much an unassuming box but they're definitely more musically communicative. Feed the De Capos right and they're hard to beat. I suspect your Mac would work well.

Both are very nice speakers but personally, for my money and listening biases, I like the De Capo i. I do own a pair so...

Don't know if this will really help but I hope it does. At least it's a start...

the diapason is a really special speaker. infinately listenable, and sounds great with mac gear....a case of a speaker sounding the way it looks..like vintage sonus faber.
On the strength of positive reviews, I bought a pair of DeCapos 4 years ago on Audiogon. I was using a Mac MC300 and a Mac 2105. I didn't like the sound at all, and I sold them faster than any other speaker I have ever owned. I heard the Adamantes (in a store) with Conrad Johnson tubes and solid state and really loved them., I still think about buying a pair. They are special speakers.