Diana Krall - What is your favorite CD of hers?

Diana Krall fans, what is you favorite CD of hers and what is your least favorite?
Favorite-When I look in your eyes, perfect for setting the "mood" and great sonics to boot!

Least favorite- The look of love, the best part of this disc is the cover art!! just not my thing and I don't think it does her catalog justice-IMO.
"All For You". This is the one dedicated to the Nat King Cole Trio. I don't care for the discs with string arrangements. Her recordings are great but I think she's one of the most overrated artists in jazz. I agree with Tireguy regarding the cover art on "The Look of Love"; what's it got to do with jazz?
I have one of hers: When I Look In Your Eyes. I frankly thought it rather lackluster. I tried it because I heard all the hoopla about Diana Krall. I think the band drags behind the beat alot in their timing, sounding like a dirge. I also think her voice is mixed to a larger than life image that is like a caricature. I would say that her voice shows promise, but she has not found the style or the band, that showcases her in the best way. IMO.
My favorite is the first one (why is that so often the case?), Only Trust Your Heart. It's been downhill from there, IMO.
If there was a CD called, "Diana Krall Shoots Herself in the Face," that one would become my favorite.
"All For You" and "When I Look in Your Eyes" are my two favorites, although I have most of her recordings and think they're all excellent. I agree with Tireguy about "The Look of Love" - the engineering isn't really up to par with the rest of her recordings (and it won a Grammy for this!) and the performance overall seems rather uninspired. Even still, the song selection is good and her voice is wonderful so its hard to complain too loudly.
My favorite is Only Trust Your Heart, which I had Diana autograph for me at Birdland (NYC) several years ago.
I have had mixed emotions about some Diana Kralls songs. Her timing sometimes is a little out of rhythm to my ear. But I still continue to buy her cd's because I do enjoy most of her music.

The first time I was introduced to serious two channel listening, my friend played "Let's Face the Music and Dance"from her "When I look in your eyes" cd. I thought the music was so engaging that I asked him to turn it off. I couldn't believe a voice could stir up so much emotion inside of me.

Anyway, I recently saw her live. Her performance IMO was everything I hoped for and more. The band was excellent as well. I now have a newfound respect for her talent.
Live in Paris (on DVD) because she plays all her good stuff. I agree with twl on not having found here "style" or more the proper phrasing on her vocals. She plays the piano as good as any pure pianist.

Her two biggest problems (IMHO) are:

1. She needs to develop her voice and particularly her phrasing. She has loads of natural talent but she misses the timing allot and puts the emphasis on the wrong syllable more than I like. And as long as I'm picking on her singing, I'd really like to see her develop more of a soulful style.

2. She needs to get as far away from Tommy Mattola as possible. He is the worst producer that she could find. He is more a purveyor of schlock than of quality product, but you guys already knew that. I have friends that can produce better quality recordings in their garage than he can in Sony's best LA recording studio.

I think that she's only about 25 years old; she could be around for another 30 or 40 years and just get better and better. Frank Sinatra wasn't all that good in his twenties; he didn't hit his peak until he was in his forties.
ive known miss krall for years, she is a world class piano player with a very sultry voice, her band is also world class. have all her recorded music and a lot of not produced for sell music, all for you is my personal fav along with the song boulevard of broken dreams my fav, the look of love takes a while to grow on you but it comes around and starts to sound pretty damn good. the producer is tommy lipuma by the way.and live she is as good as anyone. the dvd is very good ,guitar could be a little louder. regards mike
My go to Diana Krall CD is "Steppin' Out" from 1993, one people don't usually list as their favorite. Body and Soul, 42nd Street and Jimmie are my favorite cuts. I like all her later releases too, even to an extent "The Look of Love".
I enjoy "LOve Scenes"
the setting with Kristen McBride on standup bass is very well recorded. I also believe she should move away from TOmmy and I don't like the way she is packaged as this sex kitten, reminds me of sax pin up Candy Duffler who had no jazz chops.

THe live in Paris DVD is quite nice, but I prefer just the audio of love scenes, the newest Look of Love disc doesn't do anything for me.

Frankly I'd give a slight nod to Patricia Barber over Diana
I'd like to know if it's worth buying or not.
I heard the DTS version of Love Scenes at my local HiFi store - it wasn't earth shaking over the original.

I'm a two channel person so the extra channels didnt' do anything for me

THe two channel recording is very revealing
Don't know where they would really improve on it in DTS

All of her CDs are mediocre compared to her live appearance! Absolutely stunning on stage!
Her last CD is probably the one coming close.
I wonder is there any recording of "A Case of You"out there except on the DVD from her Paris concert???
"All For You", her tribute to Nat King Cole.
Can't see what is so special about Diana krall,her songs really lack the spark and vocal impact of so many other talented female singers too numerous to name,especially in the jazz arena.
But I will admit she does look quite fine!!
If you like the cd's try her DVD. It's quite the treat :^)Personally I own them all (cd's) and never felt there was a lemon in the batch.
We saw here last time she was in San Francisco. Wow what a show. I'M ALWAYS impressed by people who put the music first. She surounds herself with incedible talent. Anthony Wilson has to be the greatest guitarist I've ever heard. Next time she plays, I'll the first one buying tickets!
No gray area. I personally just like her "husky" voice. :)
The issues with the plastic jewel cases (Verve), or the ones with the cardboard cases? The Verve CDs are on sale locally.
why is everybody attacking diana krall? at the end of the day, she has a beautiful, characterful voice, very smooth and sexy, and the presentation of it all is pretty simple. It's true, she ain't billie or ella, who cares? I think patricia barber is the one who is overrated, her "art" sounds completely contrived and artificial to me. she kind of reminds me of dawn upshaw in that way. very synthetic but packaged to appeal to the faux intellectuals. I much prefer the what you see is what you get angle of krall.
First time I ever heard of Diana Krall was at Newport on PBS, I believe. I thought she was great. This beautiful woman with great talent at the keyboard and a decent voice. The musicianship was what attracted me, not to mention her blond hair blowing in the wind, so I won't, whoops, I already did, sorry can't help it.

Her albums are ok. I really feel a producer that can showcase her talent as a musician rather than her appeal as a boy toy is what she needs. But what do I know? Her career seems quite strong but I don't feel she has found her "voice" or style as a premier artist as of yet. Bottom line, she ain't hard to look at and is excellent musician playing it safe.
Tubegroover is right, she ain't hard to look at. She just bores me to tears. I do like a couple of her songs out of the four CDs I have. I only play them if the ladies ask. Ten minutes is about all i can handle. I notice a few have said how good she is live. Maybe this would change my mind. I have found this the case with others I thought i never liked. I would never buy a liza Minelli album, but i sure wouldn't want to miss one of her live shows.
I haven't noticed everyone attacking Diana Krall Buxter, even if they did, so what. If you like her that's all that matters. Audiopath may be right. She may outlast all of us.
DK bores me, too. Contrary to Buxter, I find Patricia Barber to be innovative and an interesting lyricist, much like Dave's True Story.

Patricia Barber, Tierney Sutton, Paula West, Christine Tobin all put out much better recordings (IMO) than DK.
I prefer DK playing "Down the Street".
I guess for me, I don't always want to hear the most stimulating, exciting, provoking performance. I guess since I am a professional musician, and do so much practicing, analyzing,performing, recording, rehearsing... Alot of the time I just want something soothing to relax me, like a glass of nice single malt.... or more in keeping with this thread, a sam adams. And if you go thru all the DK threads, there are actually many people shooting her down unnecessarily. She's an easy target. And I don't care what people think of my musical tastes. For me, it is a personal taste thing and a matter of function.

I agree that musical tastes are personal. I just hope we 'gonners don't take things personally in the process of exchanging opinions and views.

Speaking of personal tastes, what's your favorite single malt? Perhaps another thread on this?! For me, Lagavulin, Talisker, Knockando, depending on my mood, time of day, time of year....
Lagavulin! Glenlivet as bread and butter scotch.
American Dreamer ...oops! That's Jean Danton.
I know that there are other "I hate Diana Krall" threads on Audiogon because I participated in one a few years back. That one got me a lot of hate mail. Why do some of us hate Diana Krall? Well, I don't hate her but her singing is way overrated. I agree that she is an excellent, even terrific technical piano player. She is blonde, young, very good looking, has a sexy body, nice legs. Her singing is average at best. Maybe some resent the number of records that she sells and the attention that she gets, because in some of our opinions, it is undeserved. I guess that I hate the confirmation that if you're female particularly, but even it is true with males, if you are good-looking, it gives you a tremendous leg up towards being successful in the music industry. It is sad to see that this is becoming increasingly true for jazz and classical music as well. Generally, the audio on her recordings is near universally top rate. I have bought some of her CD's for that reason, but after a brief honeymoon, I get depressed and whine, "Is that All There is?". I think Tommy Lipuma should make as much money as Diana Krall, because I give all the credit for generating those record sales to him and Krall's recording engineer. I am actually being a little tongue in cheek here. I don't hate her. She is not the worst performer in the world. If someone paid for me to see her live, I wouldn't walk out before the end of the performance. I have some of her CD's. I even liked one which was referred to in this thread before. It is before her Tommy Lipuma days and is called Stepping Out. Poster Thedautch, who wrote about the CD he is hoping for called "Diana Krall Shoots Herself in the Face" had me in tears of hysterical laughter, because I know where he comes from. Don't hate me, Diana Krall fans. It is just my opinion.
"Stepping Out" is OK. I don't know that her looks is all that gets the attention. Tierney Sutton is pretty damn good looking herself, a much better singer, has terrific engineers (IMO) at Telarc, but is only a dim glow in the music scene compared to DK. I think it's partly a marketing thing.
Actually, I think her piano playing is very mediocre. Totally ordinary and average.
I agree. I have chops more expressive than hers. But you don't want me crooning in your ear, do ya?
Maybe. Post a picture of your legs and we'll let you know.
Rayhall...that was hysterical!!

I listened to some cuts from Stepping Out and other DK discs last night. I can't exactly say that she croons, Ernie. Sounds to me more like shouting. Maybe it the engineering...putting her too far forward?

Listen to "Remember Me" on Tierney Sutton's "Unsung Heroes" and tell me what you think.