Diana Krall - New Vinyl - Good sound - Poor Vinyl

I wonder if anyone else that has purchased this record feels like the vinyl is poor. I have cleaned my copy 3 times and still can't get all the ticks/pops/grundge off the record. I also noticed that it has about 25 minutes a side so maybe to much music squeezed onto this one. Anyway I feel it should have been on 2 discs instead of just one for the best possibly quality. The sound quality is great but the vinyl for me is problematic. Anyone else?
Maybe the same people that make crappy sounding CD's are making some crappy sounding vinyl now. I hope not.
classic records is a hit and miss deal. you should return it, and try again.
There are a lot of variables that can affect the quality of an LP record. Vinyl purity and formulation, how the stampers are produced, how many LPs are produced from a stamper before it is replaced, the air quality and cleanliness in the production area and so on. And that all takes place before you ever take the shrink wrap off the album at home.

I've heard some wonderful LPs and some terrible ones. Same with CD material, though the technical issues that plague a bad CD come from different directions. The problem is that vinyl is not a guarantee of great sound. I share your frustration when you get some great music that comes on an LP that is full of pops, clicks and surface noise. Really annoying.
My copy is bad as well.
you are not alone in your findings. I have the white vinyl and while it sounds great (as does the CD, so I am to beleive the recording is great), the ball seems to be dropped by Classic Records.

I for one will think again before buying their product. Seems that the marketing gimmick is to put whatever quality on a heavy slab of vinyl.

I collect Japanese Lps, and can speak from experince, it is not the weight of the vinyl, as Japanese Lps are very thin and light, but to me sound superior in almost every case.
Sent mine back to Acoustic Sounds recently as well as the new Norah Jones LP..Both had the same poor quality Vinyl issues. So bad it was pathetic. In speaking with Brad, he mentioned its a known issue. Supposedly, Classic Records is aware and will be issuing new copies later this summer. I asked if RTI was to blame for the poor pressings, but he didnt think so, since RTI does many other labels as well...In the mean time I just bought the CD's to enjoy the music..But, the whole quality issue at Classic is just ashame.
I was going to buy it till i was warned by a friend that it sounded dismal. The music is supposed to be good, but it's hard to get past the pressing. Maybe I should buy the white vinyl. Classic has put out some good vinyl and has done some real junk too.



My Diana Krall Vinyl had some metallic coatings in the groove. It took few washings, but still the 'area' sounds bad.
Norah Jones Vinyl OTH is flawless.
It's not rocket science to get a clean groove. Quality control was missing when these were done. If they don't do some kind of recall, I am off to give other lables my money. Classic records has a BIG problem if this is the stuff they plan on selling in the future.
My friend just brought this LP over to test my new amp. There are quite a few pops and ticks; it was annoying. His is black vinyl. This is his second copy and the first copy was returned. I was thinking buying this LP; now I need to wait till they fix the problem. The sound quality is decent though.
It really stinks when a brand new pressing comes to you with ticks and pops. I wonder if they're pulling the same trick as many of the domestic labels and using "recycled" vinyl.

I have nothing against recycling vinyl, but they should at least remove the labels before they grind them up. I'll bet the imperfections you're hearing are tiny bits of paper embedded in the grooves. You'll *never* get them out...

I have the new Diana Krall LP and when I played it on my expensive turntable and
Benz LP cartridge there was tons of ticks and pops. I figured I got a defective record
so I returned it to the mail order place to get another one. When I got the second copy and played it same crap happened. Too much ticks and scratchey noise. Classic records get your act together. Don't you have quality control?
I also brought the record over to my friends house to try playing it on his ultra high end turntable and two channel system. When we tried playing the record same thing happened. On his system there was also too many ticks and pops noise. The sound was decent except for the noise problem. My friend said he won't buy the same recording because of the noise problem. This is the only time I have problem with Classic Records records on vinyl. Maybe the plant that presses the records is using recycled vinyl with the labels all ground up together with the vinyl.
I bought a copy of Diana Krall "From this moment on" from themusic.com. My copy supposed to be from the first stamper and sound good, BUT there are tons of pops, clicks and especially on side B, distortion like the cartridge is mistracking (on quiet or near silent passages !) Sent it back and 3 weeks later got a replacement, and the SAME thing on this one. The music is great, the sound is pretty good but the channel balance (Diana Krall voice, for example) is off ..more to the left channel (I tried on both of my turtables with same result). I hope they will fix this problem !!!!!!
I just sent back my 2nd bad pressing of Classics/ Krall. This was supposed to be the newest pressing and fix the problem with the poor vinyl/pressing. I thought to give them a second try after they took care of the problem, unfortunately, another bad copy ruined classics lp's for me now.

Norah Jones and DK will have to perform on CD for me! :-)
Here in the UK I'm on my third copy of Diana Krall's "Turn up the Quiet" Played it tonight and the surfaces are terrible. Sides A&B have an intermittent scratchy crackle on the right hand Channel (visually it looks okay) Side C has silvery marks and a scratch which sounds. Both records are packed in heavy cardboard inner sleeves which offer very little protection to the record surface, and this causes chaffing to the record during the packing and transport process. However, the crackle on the first disc is common to all the copies I've had so far, so Verve have some serious issues with this release.     

There was lot of skill and machinery involved in back in the day LP production
that no longer exists . Same with most firms on labels, someone just owns the name .
"Anyway I feel it should have been on 2 discs instead of just one for the best possibly quality. The sound quality is great but the vinyl for me is problematic."

clarock- is there an article to reference regarding the number of tracks put on a record side affecting sonic quality?
Is squeezing as many tunes on a side really detrimental to sonic quality?

I generally don't purchase new music and spend my time in the used record bins with music pre 80's.
I have many albums with practically no dead wax because there are so many songs! 
The sonic quality seemingly isn't different than an album with less songs and 4" of dead wax.

Next week I will take a couple of records to the LA show. Included will be some with "too many cuts" One in particular always gets comments from listeners/exhibit guy as being a WOW! record.

I also don't hear the big deal with 180gm discs. My floppy, limp  noodle dynaflex Bowie albums sound great. Maybe I'm just more concerned with ticks/stitches. A clean, noise free record with great music is all that matters.
Anyway I feel it should have been on 2 discs instead of just one for the best possibly quality
I’m confused -- assuming we are talking about "Turn up the quiet", her current release? My copy is on two discs (3 sides, side D is blank) and 17’ or so per side.

While packed in card sleeves it cleaned up nicely. There’s a fairly high level of groove rush, typical of current pressings, but not noisy. It is cut very hot however which may cause problems with some setups. In particular I got some intermittent (3-4 times on a side) distortion on left channel peaks, but nothing too objectionable

Recording wise the best thing about it is the acoustic bass which is reference quality. The vocals are overly close miked which is fine albeit a bit too breathy for my tastes. All the other instruments are in band mode which sounds fine, although the recessed piano is a bit of a surprise for a DK disc!

All in all a nice record and my copy (from Acoustic Sounds) had no issues.

With regard to maximum length on a side it also depends on the material. Lots of very dynamic passages will take up more real estate, while a disc of quieter music can easily sound fine at up to 30’ So all in all it’s very hard to have a hard and fast rule I’m afraid

Think I'll opt for CD on this one then!
I have to ditto you.  My copy is on 3 sides, 2 discs, and sounds very good with the bass being as good as any in my experience.  The music is perhaps the best Krall has ever recorded.  Highest recommendation.