Diana Krall New CD

Has anyone had a chance to listen to Diana Krall new cd? If so what did you think of it and how does it compare to her past releases. I heard her new CD has a more of bassa nova beat to it.
i perfer krall in a more intimate setting, as opposed to using a large orchestra approach. i found that the latter detracted from her natural talent which is substantial. but i would hesitate to own the disc, its quite good.
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I purchased the CD today and listened to it this afternoon and evening...it's not her best. Her song selection is mediocre at best..."S' Wonderful" and "Love Letters" are probably the best two cuts, but they have weak arrangements. "Besame Mucho" is nicely arranged but Dianna sucks at singing in Spanish. Her one-octave range is just not enough to do justice to "The Look of Love" and typical Dianna, she just doesn't get the phrasing right. Also, she sings it at a slow Samba tempo which doesn't work for this song. I consider an album (CD) great if it has 3 good songs on it. If it has 2 good ones then its good. If it only has one good song, then its ok. But I can't find one song that I want to listen to more than once. On a positive note, there are some nice photos of her inside the CD case.
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Back to Diana's CD, I just bought her CD last night and I must agree with your assessments. It's definately not her best work. Although Basame Mucho sounded decend sonically, Diana's Spanish was awful. Perhaps this is why the record label company included so many "risque" photos of her. Yowser..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I'm a big fan of Diana....but I'd have to agree with what has been stated above. The simplicity of her sound is lost in the over-orchestration. Oh well...maybe next time.
Very insightful and elegantly phrased review by that little pup. Such economy of words.
Ok...just a little strange ..

Anyway, Diana new album is really a surprise, as mentioned above, gone is the trio approach that was seductive and soft to a over powering orchestral movements in-between her chores. It actually takes away from her piano. In fact there are instances that you barely hear her playing. I think she needs to rethink on who she chooses as a producer.

Her vocals are not the best I have heard, almost sounds like she is forcing her seductive throat. And I agree, her Spanish is awful.

Her Album is toned as " Sex Sales" Nothing wrong with that and I like it (as a male)but I am not sure what they are aiming for ??

Other then that...its a great Album !!! ;)

2/5 stars and that is being generous.
Agree with all the above. Isn't the producer Tommy/Sony the cuckhold of Mariah "I'm having a glitter breakdown." The cd is simply good for dinner or background music. Agree also about Donna-do-ya-wanna sex sells marketing. But nice feet, could start me thinking about a foot fetish. Nah.
I found her new album sounds horrible, exactly as described in other forums (e.g. AudioAsylum). Someone mentioned that only the digipaks have the problems, but mine comes in a traditional jewel case and the recording still appears to be inferior to her other albums.
Just listened for a second time....it's getting WORSE!!!!
She sure does have many a-picture of herself in the liner notes and back cover.

She should open every song with the traditional singers warm up of 'me,me,me,me,me.'
Who's sounds like Betty Boop and Billie Holliday rolled up in one.
I would like to recommend the latest issue of Downbeat magazine to all you Krall fans. She is interviewed and talks about her latest CD. How it all came about etc. You might find it interesting. Great picture of her on the cover too. Regards.
I listened briefly at a store on headphones. Sounded like more reverb and more distance. Seems to have shifted from a wonderfully full and intimate sound to a more commercial one. Previous cd's sounded like she was singing in your home and only for you. Why can't they leave well enough alone?
I agree about it being distant and all, but it should be with full orchestra playing in the background. Come on, it ain't that bad. Just look at the cover and in-leaf pictures and it will get better. I promise.