Diana Krall

Has anyone heard her SACD yet ? When the redbook CD first came out in Sept 01, many people said the recording/mastering wasn't up to the standard of her other recordings. I wonder whether the SACD version may be better.
Sounds to me like your gonna have to belly up and buy it. This comment is based of course on the fact that your the only one with your ears. Right?
The SACD title should be 'The look of love'. I put it in double quote and it didn't come out in the post.
I seriously doubt that the record company would have re-released a bad recording in SACD format if the master didn't justify the expense or the perceived sales didn't excist.
The SACD is better than the redbook version but not as good as my best SACD's.

I have both the redbook and SACD, and the SACD is better in most ways...but this mastering does seem to have concerns.

1. Compared to "Love Scenes" and "All for You", this one is just not to my taste...ie: Krall without strings and with Russell Malone and Christian McBride is more to my taste.

2. There is something wrong with the miking or mixing on Krall's voice on "The Look of Love". Basically on several of the cuts she sounds like she shouts the first word or two at the beginning of each phrase/sentence she sings...maybe her technic is changing(for the worse)...it almost sounds like old style (read: bad) use of DBX!

In the end result I have e-mailled Verve twice requesting that they release "Love Scenes" and "All For You" on SACD, so far they have not been kind enough to reply...which is interesting because I am on there e-mail list..and god knows they send quite a few, but they seem not responsive in emails sent to them?

I do hope SACD continues to improve both from the hardware and software standpoint. Even the most un-godly $ of CD set-ups is still not what analog was(other than signal to noise ratio!). Although it would seem that us "audiophile" consumers are a very, very small % of the market.
I just received a flyer from Elusive Disc that "When I look in your eyes" is available by pre-order on single layer multichannel/stereo (non hybrid) for $14.99.


Thanks for the info...any web site for Exclusive Disc?

Also, have you noticed Krall's voice situation that I mentioned in my above post?

Thanks, Jim

The web site is www.elusivedisc.com ;I just pre-ordered it. I haven't noticed specifically what you mentioned, but it did seem to me that her voice broke up in a couple of tracks. I have not compared the two discs as closely as you have but I probably will now that you mention it. I was hoping that her SACD would have sounded better. I bought a couple of Fidelis hybrids discs from elusive disc (Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi/BACH/Kodal) that brought tears to my eyes; they were that good.
Thanks Czbbcl,

I did pre-order that CD. And it seems I was looking for
an Exclusive Disc..rather than the proper Elusive Disc!

I am not sure about Verve's plans for the older Diana Krall
releases..as far as SACD goes. I know her earlier releases
were on Impulse!, but that's part of the Verve group..so I
would think it could be done.

I am not sure what the sales figures are for those releases,
and if Verve feels there would be a profit potential in
re-releasing the older titles on SACD?

Best, Jim
Thanks to all for the response.
Tried "When I Look In Your Eyes" CD, but didn't like it at all.