Diagnosis: Cartridgecide

I have been in the process of setting up my table with a brand new Dv-20xH. For the first three minutes or so on the outergrooves the channel balance, and seemingly everything else, is fine. Past that, the right channel becomes attenuated like the singer is leaning against the left speaker. A further oddity is that when the arm is resting in its holster, the right channel buzzes/hums.

I have played with what there is of an anti-skate (rega), VTA and azimuth(looks good, but there's little i can do wiht this parameter) and the problem is persistant. Overhang is good as well. I also switched L/R interconnects to rule out my preamp. I'm stumped.

Normally I would just take to the dealer, but England isn't real handy when you live in Dallas. And god knows if it goes to Enlgand, it's going to go to Japan. I just want to make sure before I send it on a trip that I only wish I could go on. Is there something I may be doing wrong? Is there some definative way to tell if she's actually gone? I really do not remember doing anything bad to my cartridge.
This sucks. Thank you.

It may pay you to start all over with the installation and double-check the arm mounting and settings. Also gently move the arm horizontally to and fro over the normal playing arc and "feel" for any binding, particularly around the point you first notice the distortion/change. In addition to swapping the L/R interconnects also try swapping the L/R connections at the cartridge itself to see if that "hum/buzz" changes channel. Also try connecting up before you mount the cart in the headshell (being very careful of the cart) and move around as much as you can to see if the "hum/buzz" is not being introduced externally. When you have it all set-up again, have a good look at the cantilever as it plays and watch for any obvious mechanical deviations if you can.

I hope this helps and best of luck, regards, Richard.

Thank you very much, Richard.
Do you have another cartridge to swap in? If so, try it. If the problem repeats, at least you've eliminated the DV. If it there's no problem put the DV back in and try again. If the problem is still there, get your DV a passport.
Well, I reversed the L/R to the cartridge and the silence remained in the same, right speaker. I then reversed the tonearm wire that connects to the preamp (while the wire to the cart was still reversed), and the silence switched from the right to the left speaker. Now I am more confused. In the process I found that the hum ceases when I remove the ground from the preamp. Is this a ground loop? The strange thing is that the hum is only present in the silented/attneuated channel. Do any of you brilliant people have any insight as to the cause of my problem? Thank you

Nevermind. The symptoms described in my last post pointed to the culpret; I just found it hard to believe for various reasons. The problem has ended up being the tonearm cable, for sure. Thank you Grandpad, and thanks again Richard for taking time to help me.

Glad to hear you managed to pinpoint something. These "hum/buzz" problems are always a real pain to sort out. Happy listening!

Regards, Richard