DH Labs T14s vs. MIT 2s

Assuming identical price, any thoughts on the relative quality of DH Labs T14s as compared to MIT 2s? I am considering the biwired version of both. My system right now is a touch on the bright side (Parasound CDP 1000/Arcam 9/ Aegis 3).

Thanks, I appreciate the expertise I've seen on this board!
My friend has a Bi-Wire pair of DH Labs Q-10. They are very smooth, Detailed and easy to listen to. If you are thinking of Biwiring T-14 check out audioreview.com and read the reviews on these cables. also check out zucable.com they have a new approach, I am trying these today.
I recently auditioned T-14's vs. new (2000 version) MIT 5's. These were single-wire, not bi-wire versions. The new MIT-5's are supposed to be equivalent to the old MIT 3's, one step below MIT 2's you are considering. I could not tell which was which in blind tests. When I saw the prices at Audio Advisor, and my wife decided we had to move the stereo cabinet, so neither of the cords I auditioned was long enough, I returned them and bought some 1999 MIT 2's for about the same price, figuring they should be a little bit better than the 2000 MIT 5's I auditioned. I also auditioned the 2000 MIT 4 interconnects vs. the DH Labs BL-1's and found the MIT 4 to be very slightly superior, especially at soundstage depth and bass control. But, they cost a little more. To my ears, in my system (mid-fi) and room, the differences were slight and I would have been satisfied with either. Both were a big step up from the IC cords supplied by the component manufacturers, as expected, and the speaker cables were a big step up from Monster 14 guage zip cord I had been using.