Dh labs t-14 question.....

Being fruegal working stiff...I am considering this highly reviewed cable...however I have slight reservations due to what some consider a "lean" bass presentation...my question...with monitors that dont do deep bass anyways(50 hz)...should this be a concern? Also, does dh labs offer a trial period?
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I have no experience with the t-14. However, I can assure you that if your gear and speakers can deliver low (and I mean LOW) octaves, DH's Q-10 will beautifully carry the signal from your amp to your speakers.
I bought a pair of the Q-10 cables in my son's two channel set up, but when they arrived I couldn't resist the temptation of trying them in mine. I was very impressed with these cables. Although they are no match for my reference cables, they were very pleasing to listen to, my reference is Kimber Select 3035's. I have yet to find much, at the price point of the Q-10's, that can really compete. My suggestion, spend a few extra bucks and get the Q-10's, you'll be glad you did.
Phasecorrect, thanks for bringing up this question.
Barrelchief, Zspradlin: thanks for the answers.
I'm seriously considering the T-14 for my HT system, which uses stand-mounted 3-way speakers that also go down to ~50Hz. I spoke w/ Darren @ DH Labs - sounded like a real nice, down-to-earth chap. Maybe T-14 is good enough for a HT system (vs. a 2-ch setup)?
I hope that some more members w/ experience will chime in.
I've used the T-14 with monitors very successfully. I previously used them with my first monitors which went down into the 30's and noticed that a double run of T-14 did increase the bass. When I switched to the Green Mountain Europas I didn't notice that much of a difference going from a single run to a double run. You will gain some bass going to the Q-10 but it will be minor. My only reservation with the T-14 is a slight lower treble gain which sometimes added a little sibilance. I now use Ridge Street Audio Poiemas which are phenomenal but of course cost much more. For the money the T-14 is excellent.