DH Labs Silver Sonic T-14 Speaker Cable?

Anyone using it? Thoughts? Anyone compare it to their Q-10 cable?

I just picked up their Air Matrix interconnects and was thinking about using all DH Labs Silver Sonic cables for my system to get the best synergy. Is this foolish?
Some will say it is foolish for you to use the same ICs, Speaker wire etc from the same cable line others will say mix and match.

For me I did the reverse of what you are suggesting right now. I have the DH Labs IC equivalent of the T-14 wire and am using the Q10 speaker wires. The sound is more full and I have no issues with the highs.

In another tube based system I've used DH-Labs T-14 speaker cables with Monster I400 ICs and the sound was a bit dull and clinical.

Sorry this isn't a direct comparison but if I was in your shoes and had the Air Matrix ICs I'd also go for the Q-10 speaker cables. I've handled both the Q10 speaker cables and T-14 and the Q10s felt much more substantial.
Thanks for the feedback Jedinite24.

The Q-10 is definitely more substantial, it's equivalent of a 10awg cable. I'll have to keep my eye out for a used pair, or maybe try to find a place that will let me demo them.

As for mixing and matching, my gut tells me to try things and go with what my ears think sounds best, but part of me believes that there has to be some benefit to using cabling from the same company, like maybe they design them to work well or carry the same sonic signature. I don't know. Still learning.
The Q-10 has far better bass and musicality than the T-14. I've owned both cables and IMO the price difference is worth going for the Q-10.
I tried the T-14 in my stereo system. I found them a bit light. So, they ended up as the R/L/C cables in my HT system where they are adequate.
Cool. Thanks for all of the feedback.