DH Labs Revelation or Signal Cable Silver

Hi, Im looking to upgrade my interconnects, I have a BAT amp\preamp and Definitive technology BP7004 speakers. The speakers are considered bright and the amp is considered dark. Im looking for interconnects that are detailed, fast, extended trebel, great soundstage, and have great bass. would you recommend DH Labs Revelation or Signal Cable Silver?
I switched from Nirvana SX-Ltd to DH Labs Revelation in my main system (Walker TT, Wavelength Tangent/Sine/Venus, Avantgarde Duo 3.2) and experienced a noticable improvement in all the parameters you describe above and pocketed a lot of cash in the process. I have no experience with the Signal Cable Silver.

Good luck and enjoy.
I have experience with signal silver cable and I can tell you they rock. I use to own Audioquest Pythons and the Signals destroyed them. You wont go wrong with them I promise.