DH Labs Q10 or Analysis Plus Oval 9?

Any thought on which to go with? I'm considering a single run of oval 9 (with jumpers) or using the Q10 internally bi-wired.I can't audition either one where I live. Thanks
Equipment: B&W CDM1NT
Bryston 3BST
VTL tube preamp
I have both cables now, plus the Oval 9 jumpers. I prefer the Ovals and I am considering getting another run, so the jumpers will be for sale if you are interested. I also put the Ovals on the bottom and both leads of the Q-10 on top. Actually that didn't sound bad either. For your amp and speakers, I would try the Ovals and think about upgrading your cd player...
I've owned both I prefer the DH Labs
Thanks for the input. But now we've got one vote for each. Since cables are system dependant, and I can't listen to them here, what should I do for a tie breaker?
PTM - buy a used pair of each from this site to compare. Unless someone has your exact same system in the same room and more importantly your ears and taste its just a crap shoot anyways. Buying used will reduce the hit you'll take when you make your choice and flog the other pair.

Another option is to contact the Cable Co. who loan out cables for a fee.
You can audition the Analysis + with little risk by ordering through Audio Advisor. They give a 30 day trial, money back if not happy, no questions asked. I ended up keeping the Oval 9's. Will.

Im my tests the Zu Julian bested the Q10. Smoother presentation and more detail. Please check out my reviews on the Zu products in the Zu forum on www.harmonicdiscord.com

If you dont like the Zu products, they have a refund policy and they pay for return shipping. They also have a trade up policy for their products.