DH Labs Q10 compared to Harmonic Tech pro 9

Has any one had an opertunity to listen to bolth these cables any recomendations as to thier performance . System , Bat vk 5i, classe DR 9.amp, source cary 306/200, spk von schwiekert vr2 . Harmonic Tech truth link inter, and an older pair of audio research litz speaker cable .
I have DH Labs Q-10 cables, but have not been able to compare with Harmonic Tech Pro 9. I would love to hear from anyone as well as comparisons of DH Labs Q-10 to Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun cable. For the money the DH Labs cable is just blowing my mind. My system is: Proac Response 3.5, Rotel 1075 amp, Rotel 1068 Pre/Pro, Rotel RDV-1050 Universal player, APC HJT 10 Power Conditioner, Oyaide Power Cables, IC's are MAC (My Audio Cable) UltraSilver Soundpipe's.
Update: I bought a set of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun cables and compared them to DH Labs Q-10. No contest. The DH Labs sounded good until I compared them to the Acoustic Zen cables. The AZ Satori Shotguns image is much more natural, open, transparent, and has better instrument placement and depth. Another significantly noticeable area of improvement was in the bass and in the tightness of things like kick drums and otehr learding edge transients. The DH labs for the money is still a major value leader. But more money defintely improved the sonics in my system.
Proac Response 3.5
Audio Research Vsi55 Tube Integrated
Shanling CDT100 CD Player
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II IC's
Black Sand Silver Reference V/Oyaide 046 Power Cord
Black Sand Violet/Oyaide 046 Power Cord on source
FIM Stainless Roller Block Isolation devices