DH Labs Q10

Has anyone used these speaker cables? Any comments. They were recommended to me by the people at Meadowlark Audio, as one to try. I try not to get caught up in the price of things, budget vs. expensive, but can they really compete with those costing many times more? I would like to think so. I know this is all system dependent, but I am interested to hear other's thoughts. Thanks.
We use the Q-10 on the Shearwaters with great success.
The sound stage really opens up with the Q-10. Nice deep and tight bass. Better midbass and bass than the T-14. The cable has 4 conductors and can be configured as a standard pair with 10 gauge conductors, or as internally biwired or even externally biwired (two actual cables per channel).

Pat McGinty's speakers use the DH Labs hookup wire internally...so it's very synergistic.
Great timing on this. I'm considering trying these as I am looking for a low capactance/low inductance cable for my CLSes. I plan on moving my AQ Midnights to subs and getting something more detailed for my mains.

How do you think Q10 compares to a higher spec'd AQ cable of similar vintage to the Midnights (maybe Argent or Clear)?

I know the consensus is that mixing brands of cable in bi-wire applications is dicey, but does this apply to main speakers/subs powered by separate amps?

Correction to my previous post... looking for *low impendance/low inductive* cables. I've been think about this WAY to much lately. ;-)
Check out Zu Cable Julian speaker cables. I compaired a Bi-wire set to the Q-10s and the Julians are smoother and more detailed than the Q-10.--Check out my review on the ZuCable any opinions thread--