DH labs q-10?

Any thoughts on this cable? Or should I just get the t-14? THey claim better bass reproduction...but is it just a claim?
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T-14 is known for thin bass. Excellent mids and highs. Even when biwired the T-14 still was weak. Try the Q-10! I haven't heard it, but it's probably not a claim.
I bought some of the Q-10 to put in my son's 2 channel set up. Before I put it in his system, I spent some time doing an A-B with Kimber 8tc. I found the Q-10 to be a more open sounding cable. I also preferred the Q-10 in low end reproduction, it didn't sound as muddy as the 8tc. IMO, go for the Q-10.
Audioquest Granite has good bass. 60% off now at Audio Advisor. LATinternational.com wire is same price as DH - may want to compare in home trial.
Q-10 sounds good. I had it bi wired with T-14 on B&W (quite synergistic) and tri-wired on my Alon V's. I ultimately went with Alon's Black Orpheus, which provided a more textured sound, more accurate tonal quality, deeper bass, and more open soundstage. However, the DH Labs were quite open sounding, very dynamic and quite good for the price (the Black Orpheus is about 3x more). If bi-wiring, I would recommend T-14 on top and Q-10 on the bottom. You could do worse for more money.
Get the Q10, you'll be glad you did.