DH Labs power cables

Several months ago I decided to make a final adjustment to my system by upgrading the power cables.  I’d been using Pangea cables.  After upgrading I noticed an immediate improvement in micro details, sound stage and bass control.  Those qualities only improved as the cables burned in.



Pangea AC14 SE->DH Labs Power Plus

-Phono preamp, DAC, CD transport and streamer.


Pangea AC9 SE-> DH Labs Red Wave

-Preamplifier and amplifier



Auralic Aries G1

PS Audio Perfectwave CD transport

Denafrips Hermes and Terminator 2

Technics SL-1600 MK1

Dynavector 10x5 Mk2

Parasound JC3+

Rogue RP7

Pass Labs XA25

Tekton Design Nebos with ultimate upgrade



I have used their bulk cable to make interconnects and power cords and they are excellent! 

@lcherepkai The connector and cryo-treatment (and new woven outer jacket) are the only differences between the Corona Cryo and standard Corona. The connectors on the Cryo deliver better conductance than the Wattgate ones on the standard. You can get the cable Cryo’d by a third party, but I don’t think DH Labs offers this service for existing Corona customers as they do this in a factory in the US and not in their Florida warehouse.

DH Labs makes good products, and some people can hear the difference between different interconnects and cables.

Corona Cryo power cable is excellent. I am using it on my Digital Source. Its got a nice clear sound to it.