Dh-Labs, KCI or Element interconnect

Hello Everybody. I want to upgrade my audio system with the Q-10 dh-labs speaker cable but I have some doubts with the interconnect cable. What IC cable do you think could go better?....These are my three options:

DH-Labs Revelation IC
Twisted Pair II element IC
KCI Mandarina IC

My budget system is Nad Gear with Paradigm speakers.

Thank you in advance...
I'd recommend you not spend big money (> $100) on interconnects, your system is not going to benefit in any meaningful way.

I agree with Rlwainwright.

VH Audio Pulsar, used for under $100, are very good interconnects, as are any
of the Mogami
offered by KAB Electro Acoustics (click on the "ART
Cables" link in the right column).
I second the VH Audio Pulsars. Good IC's for relatively little $$$
audio art ic-3 at $99 is a great cable. buying the kci mandarina is a good buy if you are looking towards the future.
Thank you everybody for the comments. I think I will upgrade my system the next year so a good cable for the future is a very good option.