DH Labs IC's - BL-1 vs. Air Matrix vs. Revelation

I presently have a pair of DH Labs BL -1 series II IC's that I use from my source (Pioneer Elite DVD/CD player) to my integrated amp which is a Musical Fidelity A300.
The amp powers a pair of ACI Sapphires 25th Anniversary Edition Speakers and I also have an ACI Titan sub that is connected from the preouts on the MF A300 to the sub.
I am using DH Labs Silversonic T14 speaker cable.
I have Crump design power cords I am using with the amp and the source.

My question is whether there is a difference worth paying for by moving up the DH Labs line in IC's. If so, maybe someone can comment on what that difference might be. I am pleased with the sound I presently have with my system, but like everyone here, you want to tweak some things to see if it might make a difference. Sound is presently neutral, open, and balanced across the sound spectrum with no real problems that I have noticed. The amp and speakers are relatively transparent so the recordings sound true to their production, maybe a very slight warmth to the sound which I attribute more to the speakers than the MF A300 which seems to stay out of the way pretty well.

Used the Air Matrix looks to be around 100$ and the Revelation around $200 based upon what is listed right now on Audiogon.

Any comments are welcome.

I have tried both BL-1 and Air Matrix, but not Revelation. The AM is better than BL-1 and close to my reference Nordost SPM. The AM is missing just the last little bit of life vs. the Nordost. It still makes you get up and dance. If SPM is a clear window, the AM has just a touch of haze on the glass. For BL-1, get out the Windex.

BL-1 is very good and a good match for the T-14 speaker cable. You might have to upgrade the T-14 to really get the full benefit of AM, but you will hear some improvement without doing that. Try one between your source and amp. At $100 it's almost the same cost as BL-1.

I have not tried Revelation primarily because the experiments with silver cabling in my system have sounded pretty hot on the high end. That might be a benefit to your system, but I would suggest that the additional money would be better spent on upgrading the speaker cable.
John- Thanks for the informative response.
I was also wondering about the Revelation as it is pure silver versus the copper with silver coating of the BL-1 and Air Matrix I believe. My system right now is about right in terms of balance between brightness and warmth.
Would not want to go much in either direction really.
I have tried to match components and cables that are supposed to be neutral.

I like DH Labs products as you might guess.
I also use two DH Labs subsonic cables to my subwoofer with excellent results.
Thanks again.
I don't think you can really put too much upfront analysis into cable selection, so don't be down on silver without giving it a try.

You can spend infinite amounts of time and money on cables. If you are happy with what you've got, don't spoil it. It's better to spend the money on music instead.

That said, you can't really go wrong stepping up within the brand if you like the DH Labs sound, especially when you can reclaim the cost of the experiment on Audiogon.
I agree that I am not looking for a solution, or for some type of tone change. Really pretty happy, but you know how one wants to experiment with this crazy hobby.
I guess I would only really want to spend a modest amount for an IC up the DH line since I already know I like their "sound" which is very neutral.
Maybe I will give the Air Matrix a try.
Well it's been almost a year and still not much info on these products (from people who have used BOTH Air Matrix and Revelation). I'm in the process of upgrading my BL-1 to Air Matrix (or better) so I'm curious about this comparison, especially now that they come with the new Ultimate RCA connectors.