DH labs Cables/Interconnects

Any one have experience using DH labs cables and interconnects. How do they compare to the more pricey boutique cables? Thanks.
Hi I've been using both the BL-1 Series II and Air Matrix interconnects for several months now in various parts of 3 different systems, side by side with my other "boutique" and much more expensive cables and think they perform very, very well--esp. for the price! Recently I acquired a custom-assembled biwire set of their new Q-10 speaker cables and although I did not like them as well as my Transparent Ultra XL speaker cables on my upstairs system (ARC CA-50 tube integrated, Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CD player, and Proac Response 1SC minimonitors w/REL Storm III sub), they sounded as good as the Transparent Reference cables I use on my downstairs, much bigger system (ARC VT100 Mk III, BAT VK30SE preamp, Marantz SA-1 SACD player, Genesis 500 speakers). I don't know why they sounded better on my bigger system, where they replaced better cables. The Q-10's are still breaking in so this is just a preliminary report! I also purchased a DH Labs digital coax cable for my DVD player (used in a separate, small-scale HT system) and like it very much as well. So I'm a big fan of DH-Labs and think it is well worth a try before you go off experimenting with mega-bucks cables. Jeff Delman of Value Audio (he advertises on this site) made and sold me most of my DH Labs stuff, he offers meticulous hand-crafted custom assembly of the cables and free shipping. But these cables are also available used or in auctions on this site as well.
Thank you Sc53 for the info. Looks like you have a very high end system. Your endorsement of these cables especially having had the capacity to compare them to your other brand name cables, is noteworty. -- Jay.
I was using the Q-10 internal bi-wire for my HT fronts, now for the center and surrounds since re-integrating my two channel w/ht. The Q-10 is a very good performer for the price. Its open, detailed, extended, sounds fast, and yet is quite refined sounding for a cable at its price point. Response is flat with a relatively neutral sound, neither to bright or to warm. I also have Transparent Ultra XLs on my mains, and used to use Transparent Super on my center. The Q-10 is a little more open then the Super, although somewhat leaner sounding, but no less detailed or capable. I also tried Audioquest Granite and LAT International's top bi-wire cable. Neither one peformed at the same level, and both cost more.
I've been using the BL-1s in my system for a couple years now, and after comparing them to some of the best around I can say without hesitation they're an outstanding value. They might not offer quite the fullness of tone and harmonics of the high-buck interconnects and the upper frequencies can sometimes get a little smeared, but their transient speed, dynamics, transparency and detail are up there with the best. I think this is due to DH Labs' effective use of silver along with copper in their design, and they can make even top copper-only cables seem a little thick and slow by comparison. If you have a bright system or are looking for an overly lush midrange these might not be appropriate, but if you're after a neutral and detailed presentation these should be near the top of your list and could save you a bundle. Best of luck.