DH Labs as the next step?

I just compaired a friends DH Labs Q10 Bi-wires to my Tara-Labs Prism Bi-wires. The DH Labs are just as advertised very smooth and they take the "ariness" out of a lot of the vocals. The Tara's were an awsome upgrade from the original Monster cable. I have a Carver AV-505 AMP driving Energy C-4 speakers. Is there any other cable that I should look into before spending the money for a 12' pair of the DH Labs @ $325? I think my limit for this purchase is around $400 and I also will need a center channel cable. I am not picky about new or used, any suggestions will be appreciated.
At that price point DH labs are very good. I switched to Lat internation cable because of the build quality. Lat are a little smoother sounding with tighter bass but not as detailed. I would rate them as about even performers with each having different strenghts. Lat offers a money back gurantee so you could try them and return them if you were not happy. Another factor for me is that the lat speaker cables are shielded. I read recently that at 30hz a speaker cable makes a very good antenna.
I'd agree with Bulldogger on the different strengths of the two mentioned cables. I went with the Q10's and am very pleased. It really depends on your system and tasted though. If your looking for more extended top-end, I'd vote for the Q10, otherwise give the LAT's a try. With nothing to lose cept maybe some shipping, why not? Happy hunting.
I am going to demo a pair of ZuCable Julian speaker cables. www.zucable.com. I had a very informative conversation, with Sean at ZuCable, regarding their new product line. The recommended termination for there cables are un-coated copper spades. This is a new and interesting one to me, they say that "when your binding post is tightened against the spade a hermitical seal is formed that does not allow for corrosion". They still recommend onec or twice a year cleaning the spades with Brasso or some kind of copper cleaner. 30 day money back guarantee included. I will post a review when I get them (tomorrow). Sean used to be at Kimber.
I have my entire system wired with DH Labs Q-10s and Air Matrix interconnects. I am very pleased. Has anyone tried Analysis Plus 'oval' cables? People rave about them also. I think they are a little more money, but has anyone listened to the same equipment with both cables?