DH Labs Air Matrix IC:: Level of sound quality?

I was recommended the DH Labs "Air Matrix" interconnects for both my Rega CD player and amp/pre-amp combo of BelCanto PRe-3 pre-amp and Red Dragon M-500 monoblock amps. I am trading in some old cables for new. However, I know little about the level of sound quality or synergy of the DH Labs IC's.

I have been recommeded Acoustic Zen Absolute which are too expensive even used. Chord Company "Cadenza" which are about $395. The trade deal is seemingly good, but would like some input about the DH Lab cables.

I also need a recommedation for an IC between a Jolida JD-9 phono stage and the Bel Canto pre-amp. System needs a dose of musicality, though sounds good at present with the two 20 year old IC's I am currently using.
I'm using DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix from my TT to phono stage. I also used their Q-10 speaker wire for the internal wiring on my Tannoy speaker project. I am not disappointed with their performance in either capacity.
They are very much a bargain, I don't think you would be disappointed.

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I can't comment on synergy with your components but I'm using Air Matrix interconnects between the DAC and integrated amps in both my living room and office systems. I've been very happy with them through a number of component changes.

As Islandmandan says, I think they're great sounding, very well made and a real bargain. I also use Dh Labs Q-10 and Q-14 speaker cables and am very pleased with both.
Replaced my XLR DHLabs with Ultimate silver series C4 when I needed something longer. The DHLabs were good but the Ultimates were better in my system. $ 65 to $90. Essentially, just dressed-up mil-spec/aviation wire that I couldn't build for any less. Carl is going to hate me for saying that. Okay, they're cryo'd too. His speaker cables are really good. Smooth like silk. Cables are a fairly tiny 3 to 4% of my setup and that's a lot of cables being active biamped.